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Self-Care Tips: How to Take Care of Yourself During a Move

January 17, 2020

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Self-Care Tips: How to Take Care of Yourself During a Move

Moving to a new home includes lots of difficult tasks that require your efforts, energy, and patience. It may push you to your limits. In such a demanding situation where uncertainty may shake you to the core, your body might feel stressed out. This huge change may make your body working hard to adjust to new circumstances. To reduce stress, you may want to stop for a second and think about how to replenish your resources. Your local moving company in  Connecticut shares the following self-care tips to help you take care of yourself during a move.

·        Focus on things that excite you

Sometimes, you may lose your energy when focusing too much on hardships that go hand in hand with moving. Even though relocation might be hard, you most likely don’t want to add more negativity by continuously ruminating on its negative aspects.

Instead of looking for negatives in this situation, put an effort and see what makes you excited about your new home. You may also want to accept this situation as a challenge that will help you grow and become stronger, more persistent, and more patient. It may help you develop your stamina that you may need later in life.

·        Take a digital detox

When people feel stressed, they usually tend to think too much. They overanalyze and go into unnecessary details. This behavior adds more stress and makes people restless during a move.

One of the things you can do to calm your mind is to reduce the time spent on digital platforms. Instead of constantly checking social media, google, and Facebook, you may want to read a book or take a walk. Appreciate your offline time and give yourself permission to be absent for several days. It may surprise you how much better you will feel after digital detox. 

·        Get outside

Nothing is more powerful for your well-being than spending time outside. Getting some fresh air will help you think better and relieve tension. Moreover, letting your body moving will activate your energy. To minimize stress and help your body recharge, go outside on a regular basis. Make it a habit. It will most definitely replenish your energy and help you recover quickly from stress. 

·        Slow down

You don’t need much time or to make a big decision in order to feel better. What you may find beneficial are small steps. Slowing down might be one of them. When you feel tired and exhausted, your actions won’t get you too far. You most likely won’t be as effective as you wish. Take a nap instead, or simply take a break and do things that you enjoy doing. 

Moving to a new home often includes a long to-do list with most items that you may find depleting. By doing things that you naturally don’t enjoy may suffocate your life energy and drain you emotionally. Make your favorite coffee drink or tea infusion and immerse yourself in their flavor. Let your senses take pleasure in their beautiful aroma. These short breaks will most likely help you become more effective in doing the tasks on your moving checklist.

·        Keep a gratitude diary

If you haven’t kept a gratitude diary so far, your current moving phase might be a perfect starting point. You may want to begin by recalling all the positive events that you went through in your old place. But you shouldn’t stop there. More importantly, you may want to list negative events and challenging situations that you’ve already overcome. This list will remind yourself that you’ve already shown your stamina, courage, and persistence amid difficulty. That might be more empowering and help you get more optimistic about your new place.

·        Eat a nutritious diet

Don’t forget to nurture your body properly. Even though you may want to lose some weight, the moving process is not the right place to start. Moving to a new home demands a lot of energy and a good nutritious diet might be the key element in how you feel. Respect your body’s needs for sleep, food, and rest. Be compassionate toward yourself and don’t force anything. 

Unpack a few dishes and cook your favorite meal. Even though it might take time, you will be more productive after a well-balanced meal.

If you have more questions about your forthcoming move, our experienced new haven moving company will help you find the best answers for your situation.

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