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How to Decide Whether You Should Move to a New Place

January 10, 2020

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How to Decide Whether You Should Move to a New Place | local moving company in CT

Moving to a new place is hard. It usually opens up a new chapter of your life. It might turn your life upside down. You can’t avoid homesickness, especially if you’ve never changed your residential place. You may also miss many things that you’ve simply taken for granted. Before you decide, take your time and think. Analyze your options from many aspects and then make up your mind. In order to help you decide whether you should move to a new place, your local moving company from Stamford, Connecticut, share the following suggestions.

Consider your life stage

It does matter where you are in your life at this moment. It is not the same when you are moving as a young and single person or when you have a family and a prosperous job. People who are about to retire have also different needs from the first two groups. The younger you are, the better you’ll cope with the moving process and post-moving blues.

For young people, vibrant social life is a huge thing. Moving to a place rich in cultural events with lots of restaurants and cafes may make them feel happy in a new home. 

If you are married and have school children, then good schools and their proximity to your new home will be high on the list. You may also prefer moving to a safe neighborhood, where you and your kids will feel comfortable.

People who plan to move when they retire may want to know how many hobby classes are there and how friendly is their new neighborhood. They may also want to be close to their children and help them with childcare. They just need to be sure to talk to their children about their plans regarding relocation. No one wants to move to a new place just to find out that children are going to move because of a new job opportunity.

Examine your financial options

Sometimes, you need to make a move for financial reasons. Cutting your costs is always a smart plan. Do your research and find out when the best time is to buy your new home. You may also want to learn about the living costs in a new place and compare prices.

Sometimes, moving to a new place might seem like a great idea from many aspects, but a good question to ask yourself may be—Can I afford this? Before you decide to relocate, calculate all the living costs in a new place.

Be clear about why you need a change

Before you make your decision based on financial factors, don’t forget taking into account other things that are important to you. Even though you may feel comfortable by downsizing, sometimes other things may get in your way. For example, you may miss night outs with your friend, having your support team whenever you need them, or having family members who may help you with home repairs or childcare.

People who are about to retain may miss their children and grandchildren. They may also want to explore medical options before deciding on a major move.

Think about the things you already have

One of the greatest tools to reconsider your decision to move to a new place is to make a list of things that matter to you. List even the smallest things and recall good things that have already happen to you in your current place.

People tend to focus on negatives and problems that are continuously bothering them. Good things, you may take for granted. This tendency is known as the hedonic trap. It happens in situations where you continuously looking for improvements and forget to reflect on what you already have. By taking this approach, many people may feel disappointed with moving to a new place because they miss things they even fail to notice in an old town.

Have you already put down roots in your current place?

Feeling like home in a new place is a hard, painstaking, and long process. You need a lot of resources to set up your life again and feel comfortable in a new environment. The process might be painful, especially for people who like stability, predictability, and comfort. If you already have a strong social network, life-long friends, and supportive relatives you might want to think twice. Having your support team is a precious gift and you will most likely need several years to create another one. You also need to have a strong emotional resilience, because feeling like home again is a process of continuous trial and error. 

If you’ve already gone through every single step of decision making and are ready to move to a new place, our professional local movers from Stamford, Connecticut, may help you with the process.

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