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Packing and Moving a Bachelor Pad

January 28, 2021

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Packing and Moving a Bachelor Pad

If a bachelor pad needs to be packed and relocated, you will have to deal with a lot of things that can be a little tricky to manage. Because of their interior and furnishings, bachelor pads are very distinct from other households.

A bachelor pad is a single young man's (or woman) house. These rooms are often furnished with various entertainment and leisure accessories that help you enjoy your bachelor life, including large screen TVs, cut-outs of cardboard, kegerators, video gaming chairs, and more-all heavy and difficult to handle objects.

But don't be afraid! We've got a few tips and instructions for moving and packing to make your bachelor pad move easy.

Discard the unwanted stuff

While many things can hold personal significance for you in your bachelor pad, it is important to go through your stuff and throw out the things that are no longer useful. This will help create a decent amount of space for the things that need to be packed and loaded into the truck that you plan to keep.

There will still be stuff that can be tossed before you move, even though you move to a bigger home. You may also contact a non-profit or ask a local mover to help you donate things that you still want to get rid of.

Flat-screen TVs

Flat-screen TVs must be wrapped up with caution. Preferably, you're always going to have the box that the TV came in when you purchased it so you can use it to move around. But don't bother if you do not have it; packing materials can always be bought from a nearby shop or online.

Without a box, you can also pack the TV by covering it in layers of moving blankets and pads. The trick is to prevent the screen from being scratched or damaged, so cover it in a way that keeps it protected and stable within a moving truck.

Large Screen TVs can be very heavy, so you need people who can help you lift a packed TV to a moving truck.  The wider the screen's scale, the more difficult it would be to raise and move. For instance, If you need to carry it down the stairs all the way to the moving van you might use a furniture dolly  

It is necessary to position the TV screen in the back or the front of the truck so that there is no chance of it falling.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is more than a mere piece of furniture for a bachelor; it is the throne from which he rules his country, obtains his highest scores, and enjoys the entire experience of gaming. That's because when moving, they need to be treated with the utmost care.

The process of packing a gaming chair primarily depends on the quality of the material it's made of. If it's leather, for instance, you can use the ideas for packing a leather sofa. It's relatively easier to move whether it's cloth or wood; the only thing to pay attention to is to ensure that the surface does not get scratched or dented during the move.

If it is light, moving a gaming chair is simple. However, you might need to get assistance from a buddy for the heavier ones. Better still, hiring professional movers is the ideal method to handle heavy items, as they excel in ensuring that your belongings enter your new location absolutely safe and secure.

Cardboard cut-outs

                                                                                                      Photo credit: Instructables

A life-size cut-out of a celebrity is the hallmark of most bachelor pads. Whether it's a model in a swimsuit or a famous NFL player, you can't afford to wreck your cardboard cut-outs. That's why you can cover a cut out item in a sheet so that the weight of the packing material does not bend. You should seal it later using duct tape.

Usually, cardboard cut-outs are light enough to be held by a single person, so you don't have to think too much about carrying them to the truck. In fact, they are so lightweight that you can make a pile of them and pack them together.


An electronic beer dispenser and a common accessory mostly seen in bachelor pads is a kegerator. You have to pack it with caution, like many other things on this list. Please ensure you first correctly disassemble the product before packing all the parts. When you have removed all the parts of the dispenser, wrap the kegerator in a cloth to shield it during the move from being scratched and dented.

It depends on the size of a kegerator to move. The larger the kegerator, the more persons needed to move it to the moving truck. Note that, if appropriate, you can still hire trusted movers.

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