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How to Move a Sofa Through a Narrow Doorway

December 24, 2020

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How to Move a Sofa Through a Narrow Doorway

A common issue that many individuals face while moving to a new house or after buying new furniture is the challenge of moving a sofa through a narrow doorway. Sofas often seem to be too big to open, a problem worsened by protruding legs and arms. But you might just be able to squeeze your sofa through a door opening that doesn't look like it would allow the piece to move through with a little know-how and preparation.

Two strong persons are required for this project because even a small sofa can weigh as much as 100 pounds. It can weigh 350 pounds or more on sleeper sofas and many traditional sofas. If it is possible to remove the legs quickly, do so first. Leave them attached for now if not. Remove cushions, pillows, and everything else from the sofa. Lifting and moving a heavy sofa through a narrow space is a very difficult task. If you have any physical issues, we recommend that you hire a Professional Moving Company to do this for you.

Measure the Sofa's Dimensions

Measure the exterior dimensions of the sofa with the measuring tape and write down all the measurements. Since the absolute maximum size of the sofa is of concern to you, use the leading edges as your points of reference. Stretch the measuring tape from the floor to the highest point on the back of the sofa for height. Measure from one sofa arm to the opposite arm, for width. Make sure that the points are defined and calculated as far as possible. Measure from front to rear for depth.

Measure the Size of All Openings

If you need to move your sofa through a narrow room, like a doorway, or via a corridor, stairwell, or elevator door, you have to know the measurements of the passageways first. Use a measuring tape and calculate the dimensions of the openings. On a notepad, write down the measurements.

Correlate Sofa and Opening Sizes

First, prepare and make a note before you pick up the sofa. This helps prevent house damage and injuries. If the sofa is less than 80 inches wide, it is a suitable candidate to move vertically since the openings of the interior and exterior doors are typically 80 inches high, including the door stops. When the sofa is either 29 inches high, it can typically be moved horizontally through the door, as the internal door openings are usually 29 1/4 inches and the outer door openings 35 inches, along with the door stops.

Remove the Doors

Interior doors should typically be removed before the sofa is moved. Interior doors are lighter and easier to remove without removing the hinges from either the door or the door frame. Take out the hinge pins with a nail or other sharp object to remove a door. To detach the door from its hinges, take out every pin, and then move the door sideways. If you don't like to remove the door or think that it is pointless, you will have to take your initial measurement from one door to the nearest edge of the door when it is opened as far as possible. Holding the door in place decreases the width of the door opening by as much as 1 1/4 inches.

Move the Sofa Horizontally or Vertically

For heavy sofas, lifting straps can be needed for both movers to wear. If you have decided that the sofa should be moved vertically, to protect the sofa cloth, stand the sofa on the top, with a towel underneath. Slide the sofa towards the entrance, and then move it through the doorway in a straight motion or either the back or the seat entering the door first. If you can move the sofa horizontally and flat, you can just carry the sofa straight out.

Don’t know how to move a sofa through a narrow doorway? Contact the sofa experts and Professional Moving Company in Hartford, CT

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