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How to get acquainted with your neighborhood

October 11, 2019

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How to get acquainted with your neighborhood

Your local movers and storage company in New Haven, Connecticut presenting some tips for How to get acquainted with your neighborhood.

After packing and moving, you need to settle into a new home. To get the feeling of safety and comfort in your home, it is not enough to furnish your place and to create the right color scheme. What you may want to do even before you’ve finished all decoration and furnishing work is to get acquainted with your neighborhood.

Meeting your neighbors might be your first and the most important task after a move. It usually helps people feel as they belong. When you make a strong connection in your closest surroundings, it makes you feel safe, supported, and content.

According to a humanist psychologist, Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, a sense of belonging takes third place. It is positioned right after the basic needs such as physiological and safety needs. More importantly, the sense of belonging becomes essential in times of crisis when your neighbors might play the main role of encouragement and practical help.

Now, you may wonder—Where can I start? The following list may help you get an idea about how to make your strategy and get acquainted with your neighborhood.

  1. Be a good neighbor

    Before you greet your new neighbors and make the first impression, do your best and behave like a good neighbor. It shouldn’t be hard. All you may want to do is to make sure that you do nothing that interferes with the lifestyle of your neighbors.

    Follow the standard rules like being mindful about the noise, keep your entrance and other shared places clean, and mow the lawn when appropriate. If you are a pet owner, train your pets to behave well and pick up after them.

    With small children, it would be probably hard to be a good neighbor. However, you might be surprised how caring your neighbors can be when you do your best and teach your children a good neighborhood behavior. Many people were parents in one moment in their lives. That fact usually makes them act compassionately when noting your efforts to ensure that your children don’t disturb the locals.

  2. Take a walk

    One of the best ways to get acquainted with your new neighborhood is to scroll around the block. You may also take your dog for a walk. It will make you easier to approach local pet parents.

    The better opportunity to meet new people is to take your children to your nearest playground. When you start coming regularly it will significantly improve your chances to go fast from ‘hello’ to a deeper conversation. Just be sure that you are wearing a smile and are approachable. Don’t forget to turn off your phone.

  3. Get involved in your community

    Look for opportunities in your local community to meet new people. You may begin by analyzing your interests. If you are an outdoor person, you may want to join a hiking club, biking club, or even rafting club. On the other hand, if you love craftwork, attend local workshops. Other options might be joining your local library, enrolling in a good fitness program, learning a new language, or praying in a local church.

    Sometimes, local newspapers and municipality websites may give you plenty of options to choose from. If you can’t find one, just ask your neighbors. You may also want to use that opportunity to introduce yourself properly.
  4. Approach your neighbors first

    Don’t wait for your neighbors to say ‘hello’ to you first. Stay positive, smile, and greet them enthusiastically.

    On every occasion, start small talk conversation. It is not enough to attend a local event, go to the playground, or join the club. What you may want to do is to take initiative and ask questions or give short comments. Keep the questions light, having in mind that sometimes they may seem intrusive. Be mindful of your tone of voice and maintain eye contact.

  5. Don’t expect much at the beginning

    Occasionally, your neighbors might appear unresponsive to your efforts to keep communication open. It may mean they are too consuming with their problems and don’t show much interest in the outside world.

    In that case, be a compassionate neighbor and respect personal boundaries. Meanwhile, keep appearing at local events, clubs, playgrounds, etc. You never know when one of your grumpy neighbors will open up and make a contact.

Settling in your new neighborhood takes time. Human relationships are complex and have their own pace. Take every opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbors. It will get you a sense of safety and trust. 

Meanwhile, call your local moving company to get more help with moving to a new neighborhood.

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