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Essential Tips for Moving in the Rain

September 6, 2019

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Essential Tips for Moving in the Rain

Your moving company in Stamford, Connecticut presenting some essential tips for moving in the rain.

As the seasons change, the weather can tend to be unpredictable. One day it can be sunny and warm while the next can be rainy and chilled. If your moving day happens to get hit with the latter, don’t fret. There are steps you can take to protect your belongings and your new home from water damage caused by pesky rainfall. 

Use our tips to mitigate any issues if it happens to be less than ideal weather on the day of your big move. 

What to Do When Rain is in the Forecast on Moving Day 

Prepare Cleaning Supplies and Towels 

When you notice the clouds churning and raindrops starting to fall, be sure you have towels ready and cleaning supplies near. When using a professional moving company, they will put protection down on your floors to prevent damage from water and dirt but you’ll want to give the home one last mop before leaving the keys with the new owners. It’s common courtesy and can prevent any issues arising with potential damage. 

Towels will also come in hand to dry items off once they make it from your home to the truck. For valuables and anything not already protected by boxes or wrap, be sure to dry them off so there isn’t sitting water or dirt left behind. 

Ensure the Moving Truck is Close to Your Door

We’re stating the obvious here but you’ll want to minimize the amount of time your items are exposed to the rain. The closer the moving company can park their truck to your entryway, the better. 

Encourage Everyone to Wear Non-Slip Shoes

Professional movers should be prepared with their own gear but if you’re seeking help from family and friends, be sure they’re wearing non-slip shoes. The last thing you want to happen on moving day is an injury. When it rains, surfaces will get wet and slippery. It’s inevitable and dangerous. 

You can also keep everyone dry — and happy — by providing ponchos and rain gear to use from moving items from the house to the truck. 

Tips for Protecting Your Belongings from the Rain 

Extend Covered Porches with Tarps 

If you have a covered porch, you can use tarps to extend a dry pathway from the home to the truck. This won’t always be a possibility depending on your setup, but it could help prevent any water from hitting your belongings during transfer. 

Wrap Furniture and Boxes in Plastic

Depending on the severity of the rain, you’ll want to keep items covered in protective plastic to prevent soaking and damage. You can use tarps again in this scenario but large trash bags and car wraps can also work well as coverings. Even blankets and towels can provide a layer of protection when moving items quickly into the truck. 

Use Covered Plastic Bins for Smaller Items

Cardboard and rainwater don’t mix well. If you have smaller items that can fit in a few covered plastic bins, it may be worth picking up a few to transfer items from your moving boxes into these protective carriers. You can find plastic crates at your local home improvement stores and these can be used to store items in the future, so it’s an investment that won’t go to waste. 

Dry Your Items Off in the Truck

Designate a member of your moving team to wipe everything off once it makes it into the truck. This quick step will make a huge difference in protecting your items, even if they’re a little damp. It will also prevent any water from making it into your new home. 

When working with a professional moving team, you can help mitigate added stress on moving day, especially around weather-related circumstances. If you need assistance with your move, give our team a call to your local moving company in Stamford for a free quote.

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