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7 Best Practices to Prepare for your Next Move

March 19, 2019

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7 Best Practices to Prepare for your Next Move - Local movers in CT

Your local moving and storage company in New Haven, CT presenting 7 best practices to prepare for your next move.

Planning your next move? Are you fully prepared? There are plenty of factors to consider when packing up your former home and we’ve put together a list of best practices to help make your move simple and organized.

Tip #1: Make a List

First things first, make a list of everything you need, room by room. When you create a comprehensive plan that can guide your packing, you will be more prepared and better organized during the entire process.

Tip #2: Plan Your Moving Budget

Before you start making actual moves, you need to calculate what you are willing to spend. Then, you need to make a pact to yourself and family that you will stick to that budget.

A few moving costs to consider include:

  • Movers or renting equipment
  • Boxes, tape, padding and supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Travel costs is you’re moving many miles
  • Rainy day fun in case of emergencies

Tip #3: Change your Address Before the Move

One misconception is around the perfect time to change your address. We believe the best time to change your address is before your move as to not let important mail arrive at your current home when you’ve already left. You can simply follow the link for the official USPS change of address form online and even specify a date for it to go into effect so you can perfectly time your forwarding.

Tip #4: Determine if You Need a Moving Company

Depending on the level of your move, it may be best to hire a moving company. If you’re moving large items like appliances or an entire home, then a moving company can help alleviate stress and make the entire process faster. Check out these tips to see if a moving company is the best solution for you.

Tip #5: Plan your New Rooms Before Packing Old Ones

You know where you’re moving and its floor plan. As a result, pack your boxes according to the new rooms, not the ones you currently have. Plot out what will fit in the new location to give you a better sense of placement. This preparation can help you come up with a plan for which items should be packed first, last, or discarded. It will also prevent any unnecessary moving of big furniture items upstairs or to different rooms when in fact, it needs to be somewhere else.

Tip #6: Properly Label Boxes

Labels are critically important. As a result, always label your boxes with as much detail as possible. Include if there are fragile items inside, what room the contents belong in, and the specific items inside each, i.e. dishes and silverware. This will immensely help when you’re organizing your boxes during the move and unpacking.

Tip #7: Pack Your Essentials Last

When packing up boxes, place items such as books and non-essentials at the bottom of the boxes, with the more important items on top. Place dishes and silverware on top and less important small appliances like a slow cooker on the bottom. This way of packing will help you access the items you need quickly and easily even if you don’t unpack everything right when you move in, because realistically, it may take some time to get organized.

If you need a moving company in Central Connecticut, we can help. Give us a call to get a free estimate or to figure out the type of service you need for your unique situation.

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