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Dos and Don'ts of Moving: 6 Things to Review Before the Big Day

June 6, 2019

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Dos and Don'ts of Moving: 6 Things to Review Before the Big Day

Your local movers and storage company in New Haven, Connecticut presenting some do and don'ts of moving.

Moving is an exciting time but there are lots of things to do before the big day. Don’t let a forgotten measurement or packing snafu get in your way of enjoying your space right away. Check out our simple dos and don’ts to help you get fully prepared for your move.

Do: Take the Time to Purge  

This takes some preparation but moving is the perfect time to purge unneeded items. If you need a comprehensive guide on how to use the latest KonMari Method to reduce clutter and save space, check out the one we just created.

Essentially, before you pack, spend a few days going through your items. Identify the things you haven't used in over a year. This will help you move less items, saving time and money. And you can donate what you no longer need, helping you give back.

Do: Take Measurements of Your New Space

Measure the area for clearance space and any walls where you plan to place furniture or artwork. That last thing you want to do is arrive in your new home to find that your furniture won’t fit through the front door.

Don’t: Put All Boxes in One Room

Whether it’s you or your moving team, ensure that you’re taking the extra step to separate your boxes in the rooms in which they belong. The only way to be sure is to properly label your boxes.

Another important tip for boxes if packing your essentials on the top or all in one specific box. This simple step will come in handy the first night of your move when you need personal items like a toothbrush, sheets and toiletries.

Don’t: Spend Too Much on Packing Supplies

Boxes and newspapers are easy items to find with a simple ask. Post a message on Facebook asking if any of your friends have moving supplies to spare. You may need to purchase protective materials like bubble wrap, but if you can save on a few essentials, that can help you reduce costs on your overall move.

Don’t: Lose Your Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is your contract with your moving company. You’ll need to keep this in a safe place, which can be a difficult task with all the chaos. But, if an issue arises, you’ll need this contract as a reference sheet to protect yourself.

Do: Change Your Address

You can change your address before your move and specify the date in which it takes effect. Take care of this task to align your mail delivery on the day you officially move in to prevent lapses in delivery or lost parcels. Take care of this right on the USPS site.

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