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Disassembling And Moving Office Cubicles

August 26, 2021

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Disassembling And Moving Office Cubicles
Moving workplace cubicles is a difficult task. Here are a few tips on making a smooth office move. Of course hiring skilled commercial movers will make the work of shifting cubicles much easier.

Office moves are not the same as residential moves. Moving an office involves relocating identical types of items from one workplace to the next. Every office may have unique requirements. Cubicles can be a headache if you don't have a good strategy in place.

Inform Your Staff

Your staff should be informed well in advance of any disruptions to their work environments. They will have plenty of time to prepare and adapt their work schedule if you inform them ahead of time.

Until the new location is complete, you may need to find temporary office space for your employees.

As a last step, tell the staff to pack up all personal things and valuables so that they can be securely transported to the new facility.

Take Measurements

The new office arrangement will most likely differ from the current one. Before disassembling the cubicles, figure out how you want them to be put up in the future space. Take measurements of both the cubicles and the new office space. Make a cubicle plan for the new office based on these measurements.

Tools Required

A wrench, a flat screwdriver, a rubber hammer, and a ladder are the most common tools required for cubicle disassembly.

If you don't know how to remove cubicle walls, you should enlist the help of another individual. This will ensure that the procedure is both safe and efficient. Also, educate yourself on how to lift materials properly to avoid physical strain during the relocation.

Remove Panels

How the central cubicle panels are joined to the outer panels can be determined by visual inspection. After noting this, begin by removing fastenings from the outer panels, such as screws and levers. The central panels should be removed last. When detaching the higher panels, a ladder comes in handy. 

A wrench will loosen cubicle panels that are bolted to connector rails on the floor. Pry the panels off the rail with a screwdriver if they lack a bolt. If the panels do not budge, tap them with a rubber hammer. Continue the cycle until all cubicles have been disassembled.

Moving Cubicles

A professional office moving company should be involved in an office relocation. The cubicles will be disassembled and loaded onto the movers' truck. The moving crew will provide reinstallation services at the destination, allowing staff to resume work immediately from their newly set up cubicles.

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