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Office Moving Tips: 7 Things You Need to Pack

June 26, 2020

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Office Moving Tips: 7 Things You Need to Pack

Packing up an office requires quite an effort and lots of moving parts. Depending on how big your company is, an office move could take 6 months to a year to plan. Since there are so many moving parts, our blog highlights items that you might forget to pack in the process, so now you can think about moving tips from our office to the top of your mind when you're moving.

Name Tags

The first thing our office moves tips consists of is name tags. Usually, name tags are outside of office doors, which is why they are forgotten during a move to an office. Make sure that you communicate with your teammates before they move, to take their name tags. You can also add this item to the move out checklist. If you currently don't have name tags, you might be able to add "create name tags" to your new office as you move in the checklist!

Wall Decor

It's easy to forget what's on the walls when you are busy cleaning out your drawers, meeting rooms, and other areas of your office. Communicate with your employees that they should bring all their decorative elements down before they take their stuff for the move. Make sure your office entrance and foyer wall decoration is removed. Some things you can overlook are whiteboards which also serve as wall decoration.

Desk Screws

When you take all of your desks with you, please make sure to pack all of the screws along the way. Place the desk screws in a bag, and color code the bags to match the desks if they are separate desks. This way, you can easily find your desk along with your bag of screws. Which makes an office move go much smoother.

Wall Shelves

It's easy to miss shelves on the wall because you could forget whether you put them up or when you moved in, they came with the office. Assign a person who has the tools to take down all the shelves in the office. That way, you don't have to think about who's responsible for getting what down.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are often packed up at the end, as people wipe off their office before they leave. When you move into your new workplace, you'll need supplies for cleaning to scrub off any pre-existing dust in your new office. Let your last day of cleaning be a few days before the move out so you can pack all the extra supplies of cleaning before your big move. This helps to prevent misplacement of anything in the process.

Office Plants

Some other tips to move your office include taking your plants. When packing it is easy to forget plants in the office. Take all the hidden plants in the corners of the offices and meeting rooms. If you have any flowers or plants in vases, make sure that the morning or day before your move the water is emptied out so that the water does not spill everywhere during the move. Don't forget to add the water back as soon as the plants arrive safely at their new office destination.


People are leaving pens and paper all over the place; after all, this is an office. Check all the drawers and conference rooms and even the floors for any pens or notepads which may have been forgotten when moving. Most importantly, don't forget to empty your closet! The day before the movers come in, tell all staff to take all of their stationery and pack it in boxes.

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