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7 Steps to Follow on the First Day in Your New Home

May 24, 2019

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7 Steps to Follow on the First Day in Your New Home

Your Moving company in Hartford, Connecticut presenting 7 steps to follow on the first day in your new home .

You’ve made the move and now it’s finally the day that you’re in your new home. Congratulations! This is a time for celebration and excitement. To ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, get started with these simple steps for unwinding in your new spot.

Steps for Settling into Your New Home

Step 1: Ensure All Utilities are Working Properly

Go through every room and make sure that the electricity works, water runs and gas turns on. If caught early, you may be able to contact the former home owner or your landlord to get the issue fixed. It will save you time, energy — and potentially money — to get any issues taken care of before you get completely settled in.

While you’re doing a check, you should also locate your electricity and water meters and record their readings, then keep those digits in a safe place. This will save you in case of discrepancies and a possible dispute later on.

You’ll likely need to reconnect Internet and cable, but that is something you can take care of another day.

Step 2: Put Boxes in Their New Homes — Right Away

If you’ve hired movers, or if you’re moving yourself, make sure you put boxes in their correct rooms. Doing this from the start will make the unpacking process much easier and faster. It may be tempting to pile everything in one room and call it a day, but that will make the organization period drag on at a later time, which you want to avoid.

A little extra effort on moving day will go a long way to help you transition easily into your new home.

Side tip: This is another reason why it’s very important to clearly label your boxes.

Step 3: Unpack Your Essentials Now

Remember in our previous post when we suggested packing your essentials on the top of your boxes? That’s because you can easily access them right when you move into your new home.

We suggest included items like toiletries, bedding, a change of clothes for each family member, medications, electronic devices and common kitchen items in your essentials box. This will help you prevent rummaging through box after box to find that important item you need in the first couple days after your move.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Family is Comfortable

A move is a big transition. If you’re moving with children, it can be especially sensitive if it’s a longer distance. Make sure you have activities to keep them occupied and happy while you’re getting things organized the first few days.

You can hook up your television and video games or get out board games and have some family time to settle everyone down after the busy day. You can even take a walk around the block to get to know your new neighborhood.

Step 5: Help Your Pets Gets Acclimated

Pets can be extremely sensitive to new environments and it can cause them to show signs of anxiety. Make sure you bring blankets and beds that have the scent of your old abode to help them adjust to their new home.

Common signs of distress include loss of appetite, excessive sleep, aggressive behavior and licking. If you notice any of these signs, start by giving them extra attention. If things get worse, you can call a vet and ask for their recommendation.

Step 6: Prepare Your Restroom and Wind Down

Nothing feels better than a hot shower after a long day of moving. Unpack your bathroom essentials and encourage everyone in your family to clean up and wind down. This may involve a quick clean of the facilities but it will be well worth it for everyone to feel refreshed before hitting the hay.

Step 7: Take Time to Relax

Remember, it’s only day one. You can’t take care of all the unpacking and settling in right away. Take time to enjoy your new space and relax. Order take out or venture to a local restaurant. Just be sure you’re realistic and don’t put too much pressure on yourself for everything to be taken care of instantly.

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