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6 Tips for Protecting Your Floor and Carpets During a Move

September 4, 2020

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 6 Tips for Protecting Your Floor and Carpets During a Move

Protecting your floors and carpets during the moving process is essential, because if you fail to assure that floor protection, there is a higher risk of property damage on the day of the move.

And as you can probably imagine, you'll have to cover the costs of fixing any floor damage, whether it's minor or major – a mishap that would inevitably mean more money out of your own pocket.

Here are the brief tips for securing your floor & carpets on your moving day.

Never Drag

Don't ever drag furniture on the floor. If you do, then you will most likely damage the delicate surface of the floor and as a result you will get dents, scratches or broken tiles. Instead, carry the lighter pieces of furniture such as chairs, and use furniture sliders and rubber-wheel dollies to safely remove all heavy items from your home.

Use Blankets

Using thick blankets to cover the edges of pieces of furniture, kitchen appliances or any other heavy objects that you might need to move away from home. This additional padding will reduce the impact force if a heavy object accidentally falls on the floor.

Strong boxes

Just use sturdy cardboard boxes that can comfortably hold back the weight of everything packed inside them. When using free moving boxes be extra cautious because their original strength will have declined from previous use.

Use Quality Tape

Using quality tape to secure the bottoms of all cardboard cardboard cartons, only to be on the safe side. Secure the floors by making sure that the contents of a moving box will not spill out onto the floor while moving. Don't overfill your boxes, either, and don't make them too heavy to carry. 

Furniture sliders

Try using sliders for furniture to secure hardwood floors as you move heavy stuff around a space or out of your home or apartment. Good quality sliders are made of strong plastic and hard rubber and have the sole purpose of minimizing or even removing friction between the object and the floor.


Place one doormat in front of your house, and one doormat behind the main door. Doormats are built to avoid, as far as possible, the entry of dust, mud,  snow or other forms of debris into your home by the shoes of whoever goes in or out of the house.

Even though doormats can be fairly effective in protecting carpets and floors when moving house, particularly if the weather is bad on your moving day – rain, snow, etc., they alone are not sufficient to provide a good level of protection for your floors & carpets.Therefore use doormats only in combination with other techniques of floor protection.

Instead of buying of these items to protect your floor during move, you can simply hire Professional Movers and Packers in CT

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