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5 Challenges When Moving Out of Your House

July 10, 2020

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 5 Challenges When Moving Out of Your House

You've already done everything you could to plan for your move. You've lined up your checklists, color-coded sticky notes, and called your friends for support. You called the utility companies, you've even already donated your unwanted items.   You dream of a simple easy peasy departure when moving day arrives — “Goodbye, old home. Hellooooo new home!”

Sadly, surprises can still crop up and can wreck your day of moving. Take a deep breath: we have listed some of the problems most frequently encountered so that you can hopefully avoid them or, at worst, know how to deal with them if they arise. Do not worry, it's going to get you there!

When you're running out of time

To avoid the crunch of the last-minute moving daytime, do your best to stay on or ahead of schedule — and be realistic about how much time it takes for you to do each thing. If you still find yourself staring at Moving Day, sitting in the middle of piles of unpacked stuff? Consider calling the trusted moving company and asking for their assistance with packing. It will cost you extra but it will save you the trouble and cost of absolutely rescheduling the move.

If the furniture doesn’t fit down the stairs or through the door

What does it say? Measure twice ... You would be able to get it down if you got the couch up the stairs, right? The laws of physics sometimes just don't work this way. If your moving company says that your furniture just won't fit without causing potential damage, you have a few options.

First of all, can the furniture be disassembled? This could include removing couch feet or table legs, which could provide you with the few extra inches you need. Likewise, taking the door off its hinges could give you just a few inches of extra space which will allow the movers to slide through the door way.

Your friends/family bail on your DIY move

Your siblings may be lovely but they might just not be the most reliable. DIY moves may initially seem like a money-saving proposition, but sometimes they end up being more of a headache than they're worth.   

If you want to avoid moving, do yourself a favor and hire a team of professional movers. They're not going to argue with you about every little thing, and that alone is worth the extra money.

The movers are not going to transport one or more of your belongings

Many moving companies are not equipped to carry more delicate items such as pianos, antique furniture, wine collections, or artwork. So, while you're researching moving quotes, if you know you'll need them, be sure to include an inquiry about these specialized skills and equipment.

It's also a good idea to look at the stuff that moving companies won't transport, to make sure you don't have any of them ready and waiting. Things like power equipment and hazardous materials can't get in a moving truck.

Unfavorable climatic conditions

Moving to a new house can not be weather-dependent and when you book your movers nobody can predict what the weather will be like. Moving problems with bad weather are never fun, but they can be managed with a little resourcefulness.

  • If you are relocating in heavy rain, collect resources such as moving blankets or tarps to protect the floors at the entrance to your buildings. Buy lots of huge trash bags, and then try to get the moving truck as close as possible to your house.
  • If the day is going to be too hot, then take good care of your family and the movers! Prepare with plenty of water, take breaks to cool off in the shade.
  • Snow is a totally different beast. If you are planning a long-distance move and the roads are poor, your moving company will decide to postpone your move to you at no charge. If that's an option, then being safe is better.

To overcome the challenges, when moving out of your house, hire a Reputable Moving Company in Connecticut

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