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5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

August 9, 2019

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5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Your local moving and storage service provider in Hartford, Connecticut presenting here 5 simple steps to prepare your home for fall.

Air is crisp, kids are back in school, the sun is setting earlier. All of these signs lead to fall. And it really is right around the corner. With the change of seasons comes time to prepare your home for new weather, especially ahead of the potentially bitter cold winter months. 

Even if you’re planning a move or just relocated to your new home, there are steps you should take to ensure you’re completely ready to relax into the season change and enjoy some hot cocoa on the porch. 

Preparing Your Home for Fall 

Clean the Gutters

Yes, the leaves will be falling soon but clean your gutters now. Prevent backups and potential leakage issues by getting your gutters cleaned out before the season change. Clogged gutters will channel water down the side of your home and that can eventually cause damage to your foundation and even flood your basement. 

You can clean the gutters by hand or by using a leaf blower if your roof isn’t too steep. Or, you can always hire a professional to help with this sometimes difficult task. 

Give Your Lawn Some Love

At this point in the year, lawns are usually pretty fried due to hot temps and less rain. But, depending on the summer season, your lawn may be in great shape. Either way, ensure that you’re feeding your lawn the right nutrients, especially ahead of the season change. 

Dosing your lawn with fertilizer in the fall will trigger renewed growth and help provide healthy, thick grass before the winter months settle in, which is important for a renewed lawn in the springtime.

Drain Outdoor Faucets and Sprinkler Systems

When fall comes and there’s no longer a need to sprinkle your lawn, it’s time to remove hoses from the spigot and bring them indoors. Also, you’ll want to turn off any in-ground sprinkler systems to prevent pipes from bursting when temperatures drop. 

Be sure to open outdoor faucets and run your sprinkler system to drain any remaining water first. Then you can take the remaining steps to prevent frozen pipes. 

Store Your Lawn Equipment 

Once you’re finished mowing your lawn, typically towards the end of the fall season, you’ll want to be sure to drain any unused fuel from your equipment before storing for the winter. Old chemicals can create deposits and destroy your lawn equipment. 

You may also want to get your lawn blades sharpened before the spring. There can be long waits at the change of the seasons so if you take care of it ahead of time, you can be completely ready for a fresh mow when the weather is right. 

Service Your HVAC Unit

Whether you’re working with a window air conditioning unit or central air, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean and serviced before storing or covering it for the season change. While you’re taking care of your units, it’s also a great time to change your filters. 

Most importantly, don’t delay. Taking care of these simple tasks before or during the fall months can prevent lots of potential headaches. Set aside time during the weekends to knock out these tasks to help you have an enjoyable fall. 

If you’re preparing for a move in the near future, our local moving team will help you  Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

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