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Simple Steps for Cleaning and Packing Your Air Conditioning Unit

July 11, 2019

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Simple Steps for Cleaning and Packing Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your local movers and storage company in Hartford, Connecticut presenting simple steps to cleaning and packing your air conditioning unit.

Temps are rising and if you’re getting ready for a big move, you’ll want to bring along those window air conditioning units to ensure your new home is cool and comfortable. To help, we’ve put together a simple guide outlining the steps you can take to get your unit ready and safely transported to your new spot. 

Before wrapping and packing away, you should take a few spare moments to clean your unit. This little bit of extra housekeeping will help ensure that the unit works properly when installed. It will also prevent dirt and grime from spreading on your other items during the move. 

How to Clean Your Window Air Conditioning Unit 

  1. Disconnect the unit from all power sources 
  2. If necessary, follow the manufacturer’s directions for discharging the capacitor — a device that holds an extra charge to help start the motor 
  3. Clean dust and dirt from the outside cover of the unit with a damp cloth 
  4. Remove the front cover and wipe down any dust and dirt
  5. Clean the filter by removing it from the unit and placing it in a bucket with warm, soapy water
  6. Allow the filter to dry completely before installing it back into the unit to prevent mold growth
  7. Use a vacuum to clean the interior of the unit and if necessary, use a damp cloth to remove any dirt buildup 
  8. Reassemble the unit once all of the components are completely dry 
  9. Reconnect the unit to a power source to ensure that it’s working properly before you pack it up for the move

How to Pack your Air Conditioning Unit 

Now that your air conditioner is clean and dry, it’s time to pack it up. The steps for packing are pretty simple. You’ll want to ensure that it’s removed from the power source and completely cooled and dry. Then you can remove it from the window. Next, you’ll want to tape the power cord to the side of the unit, not on the back near the coils. This step will help you avoid any damage to the cord. If you have the original box, you can pack it back inside. If not, use another large appliance box and pack it with newspaper. Finally, tape up your box and pack it into your vehicle. Then you’re all set! 

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