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April 20, 2023

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What to wear on a moving day
Moving days are not just insanely busy but they can be kind of tricky and even dangerous at times and wearing comfortable clothing can be really helpful in such times. Here are a few tips on what to wear on a moving day.

On the day of the move, dressing comfortably can help you work more efficiently and calmly. You might be curious to know how this matters? Picture lifting objects while wearing a big, cumbersome coat and sandals. Working with such fabrics certainly seems impossible. Wearing the appropriate attire will protect you from unforeseen mishaps and guarantee a smooth experience. When moving, always prepare for the unexpected. Here are a few tips on what to wear during a moving day. Contact our residential movers for more such tips and tricks. 


  • Since it's going to be a busy and hectic day with all the work on hand, choose breathable and comfortable fabrics such as cotton and polyester as they are known to be moisture-wicking fabrics. 

  • To make moving around and lifting objects easier, you might also choose to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Make sure the jeans you select are flexible and willing to have their rips caused by work. 

  • Choose to wear yoga pants, sweatpants, or pajamas if they are your preferred kind of comfort and allow you to be flexible throughout the day. Always ensure they should not have loose ends that might catch on things and disrupt your movement.

  • Dressing appropriately for the weather is also crucial. You need to put on shorts or trousers if you plan to move around in the heat. But if you plan on going around in the winter, be sure to dress in layers that are both cozy and appropriate. 

  • On the day of moving, you will need to run quite a few errands like keeping track of your mobile, keys, bills, or anything related to furniture hardware. Wearing clothes that have pockets can help you keep things handy. 


  • Moving around all day in the chaos can be stressful, you will come across different tasks and activities, so be prepared to overcome such situations. Choose to wear comfortable footwear like shoes.

  • You will have to be careful while lifting and moving items to and fro, to ensure you don't trip and fall back, wear shoes that can save you a fortune. 

  • If at all feasible, choose fully enclosed shoes with non-slip soles for the best protection and traction.


  • Work gloves help you protect your hands from all the hard work that they might get into. It will keep you safe from cuts, scratches, or other injuries when you’re involved in lifting heavy objects.

  • Wearing work gloves will ensure you have the perfect grip to hold and lift heavy objects like mattresses and furniture and protect you from direct exposure to dirt and dust. 


  • Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothes that might get caught in between during work.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry as they might get lost with all the hectic work at hand.

  • Avoid wearing open-toed shoes or sandals as they might hurt you while working.

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitted jeans that make you feel uncomfortable over time.

Our Hands-On certified movers have extensive experience making moves both large and small for residents in Connecticut. Contact our moving company for further assistance. 

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