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What is a Full Service Moving Company?

February 25, 2021

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What is a Full Service Moving Company?

A full-service moving company will take care of your moving day from beginning to end. They will assist you to pack your belongings, label them, move your things to your new place, unload your things, and help unpack them into your new house. They can disassemble and reassemble furniture that is too heavy to be shipped as it is. In addition, a full-service moving company can set up the furniture and dispose of any garbage that you do not want to move into your new house. They will have a secure place for you to store your belongings before you are ready for them whether you need short-term or long-term storage.

Advantages of Full-Service Moving Company 

Materials and Supplies

Instead of wasting the day visiting stationery supply stores for supplies, a full-service moving company will supply all the items you need to move around, including cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. They will also supply shipping materials such as extra padding, blankets for furniture, and large boxes to protect tall items such as mirrors or portraits.

Packing Services

One of the most time-consuming and difficult tasks of a move is the packing process. That's why a full-service company like ours offer moving and packing solutions in Connecticut. The moving companies will pack your entire home safely and securely, and they'll do this in a fraction of the time, so you don't have to take time off work. They also have the expertise of packing delicate and precious objects such as artwork, paintings, and glass safely.

Furniture Disassembly

Furniture movers in Connecticut guarantee that your large, heavy furniture is in good condition for your new home. Part of this service requires the dismantling of furniture to be carefully packed for transportation and, if necessary, reassembled at the new place.

Junk Removal

Getting rid of things you no longer need is a big part of moving. It's a perfect time to downsize and eliminate the clutter so that your new home is bright, organized, and stunning. If you have things lying around or placed in your garage, attic, or backyard that you haven't used, junk removal services will help. This is one of the benefits of full-service movers. They'll supply you with containers that you can fill up at home while you pack and tidy up, and they'll properly dispose of and recycle your junk.

Donating Items

How it gives back to the community is one of the aspects that makes a moving company unique. Although not every moving company has this service, a donation initiative for used furniture is offered by some. They will make it possible for clients to donate their gently used things to shelter, and they will move the items there for you free of charge!

Storage Solutions

If you need temporary or long-term storage, some moving companies provide storage facilities. Usually, the storage facilities are climate controlled and they are ideal for your items while you finalize the important details and logistics of your move. We offer a variety of flexible, cost-effective storage services that can accommodate the size, scope, and schedule of both your moving and storage needs. The areas are covered for extra protection by controlled alarms and cc cameras. 

If you’re planning to relocate to a new location, then hire a Residential Moving Company in CT.

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