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What Do You Need to Know When Moving in Winter?

December 20, 2019

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What Do You Need to Know When Moving in Winter?

Moving in winter can be hard and hazardous because of inclement weather. It can be especially tough when you are moving to a cold climate for the first time. If you prepare yourself in advance, however, it’ll get easier. Find out more about what you need to know when moving in winter from your New Haven movers, Connecticut

Moving in winter is not all that bad 

Lower demand for moving during the winter months usually reduces the rate. Fewer people want to move when temperatures drop below zero and their kids are in the middle of the school year. Moving companies often offer motivational packages that include the benefits you can’t get during summer months when the moving season is on its peak.

Not only that you may move on a budget, but also you may get better options when choosing your moving date. You may get more experienced people, too, to help you with your winter move. During winter, moving companies are not too busy and their schedule is more flexible. This elasticity allows you to select your moving date that better suits your needs.

Schedule your moving date in the early morning

Winter days are shorter and you most likely don’t want to carry heavy boxes when it gets cold and dark. To benefit the most from the winter daylight hours, start early and schedule your moving date in the early morning. This way, you’ll get more time to complete all the tasks you plan to do. 

Moreover, setting up your moving date early in the morning will help you ensure that temperatures will be milder and more comfortable to get things done.

Keep all driveways and walkways clear from snow

Before the moving company appears, you may want to do a few preparation tasks to make the moving process easier for all involved. Check all pavements and driveways for ice and snow, and keep them clean and safe. It is always a good idea to stock up a bag of salt and sand, just in case. 

Another area to take care of is a parking area. If you live in a crowded place with little parking space, talk to your neighbors beforehand and reserve the spot for the moving track. Shovel the area, scrap the ice, and sprinkle some salt here and there. 

Once you get to a new location, you also want clean access to your home that will be free of snow and ice. To do that successfully, organize the cleaning before you reach your new home.

Help yourself and other people stay warm

On moving day, when all the packing is over and the boxes are ready to be carried away, you need to dress up yourself in a way that allows you a lot of movement. You may want to take on layered clothing to have the flexibility and freedom to move. Even in winter, you may sweat when you are overdressed. That not only make you feel uncomfortable but also may make you more vulnerable to cold.

People who help you with moving will need a break and a little warm-up. To help them stay warm and effective, be a good host and set aside teakettle with plastic glasses to serve hot drinks. Prepare in advance a few tea bags, hot chocolate sachets, and coffee sticks to give them an energy boost.

Pay extra attention when preparing your belongings for a winter move

Many household items are not immune to cold temperature and their harmful effects. Things that are built from sensitive materials may easily get destroyed if you don’t take extra care when packing them. You may keep your precious items safe with an additional layer of bubble wrap and thick paper around them. 

Chose the moving company that also offers storage capabilities just in case weather conditions go out of control. If you have to postpone your moving, you don’t want your furniture and valuable items get damaged.

The most important thing to do before the moving

You should always check the electrical installations, water supplies, and heating before you finally settle into your new home. In winter, however, this step is crucial. Freezing temperatures and inclement weather don’t allow you enough time to wait for installation or heating problem to get fixed. It is, particularly, important to check if you move with small children. 

Protect floors and prevent accidents

As you want all the paths toward your old and new home to be safe, you may also want the interior of the houses to be well protected. You may need additional cardboard boxes to cover the central area of your home. Visit your local stores and bring the boxes home on time. 

Additionally, you may cut the waste bags along the seams, keeping the central one intact. Then, use these plastic sheets to cover the carpets and protect the wooden floors from damage caused by salt, water, sleet, and dirt.

Create a backup plan

Moving in winter is often unpredictable. Even though you and your moving company might take all the precautions to move safely, the weather conditions might surprise you. Sometimes, when a blizzard or snowstorm is about to happen, it might be much safer to postpone your move. To do that, you need a backup plan. 

Inform yourself in advance about the moving company’s policy on that issue and ask them for suggestions about the most optimal plan if your move has been postponed. You also want to discuss this possibility with your agent or a property manager in your new home, before you settle in.

If you want to organize your winter move and need more information, you always can ask our local moving team in New Haven, Connecticut, for help.

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