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Utilize This Important Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to Leave Your Apartment Spotless

June 23, 2022

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Utilize This Important Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to Leave Your Apartment Spotless
Don’t let the dirty apartment or a condominium be a deal-breaker for getting your deposit money back when you are moving out. Give your former home a customary cleaning before you hand over the keys. Use this moving-out cleaning checklist to get started.

The process of relocating to a new place can be a hectic experience. Between decluttering your belongings, hiring  CT movers, making sure nothing is left out, and leaving the curb on time, you are bound to easily miss out on a very important step: cleaning your former home. Whether you are selling a house or ending your rental contract, you must clean the house that you lived in before. This step is even more important if you want your security deposit money back without any deductions. So don’t plaster the cardboard box with the cleaning supplies as yet, take them out for one final time. If you find yourself standing and staring at the empty room, wondering where to begin, we've created a thorough move-out cleaning checklist as a starting point for your convenience.

A thumb rule for cleaning is to always begin the cleaning from the top and work your way towards the bottom. This way you allow the dust to fall on the ground which you can vacuum or sweep once and for all.

1.   Remove cobwebs: Even though you may have neglected this process throughout your stay in the house, you must bring down the cobwebs from the ceiling and higher parts of the wall before you move out. You can use a vacuum or a broom to perform this task.


2.   Wipe the fans: The next step is to wipe the fans to remove the settled grime and dust. Use a broom to remove the accumulated dust, and then wipe them with a wet cloth or a soaked sponge.


3.   Dust the blinds: We all know that dusting the blinds with slats can be a time-taking task, and we try to put it off as long as we can. Let us share a simple trick with you. Wear an old pair of socks on your hands like hand gloves, soak it in the water, and now run your hands through the slats or rungs, and voila this hack makes the cleaning so easy.


4.   Wipe the windows: Use a glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to clean all the windows of the house. Avoid using water and soap solution to wash down the dust from the windows, it will make the windows look murky.


5.   Clean the walls: Grab a microfibre cloth and wipe off any noticeable stains on the walls.


6.   Clean the kitchen cabinets: Now that you have packed everything in the kitchen, it’s easier to take a damp cloth and wipe the cabinets, followed by wiping it with a dry cloth to remove the traces of moisture. If the kitchen has appliances like the microwave, then use a mixture of vinegar and water to spray and wipe these to remove any food residue or stains from the cooking products.


7.   Wash the bathroom: Now roll up your sleeves and move on to scrubbing the sinks and toilets to remove any rust or molds.  


8.   Final vacuum and mopping: Give the entire home now a good thorough vacuuming and mop the floor using a disinfectant.


If you are moving out soon, we recommend you get in touch with the movers and storage companies in Hartford, CT for a stress-free move.

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