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Tips to Save Money When You Are Moving on a Budget

February 3, 2020

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Tips to Save Money When You Are Moving on a Budget

Moving ranks third among the most stressful life events, placing itself immediately after the death of a close person and divorce. When you are moving on a budget, it adds more pressure to an already challenging situation. However, you shouldn’t take it too hard. Stay positive, plan your move, and learn more about how to save money when you are moving on a budget. Your best moving company in Connecticut shares the following tips.  

Don’t buy packing boxes

You may save your money by using packing boxes for free. It doesn’t cost much to let your friends and neighbors know that you are going to move to a new place. Some of them may work in a local office and want to get rid of cardboard boxes. You may also take a walk around your block and visit a few local stores for free boxes.  

Another solution includes using trash bags for clothes and kitchen towels for dishes. You may also want to wrap up breakable items into the pieces of clothing and store knickknacks into food storage containers. 

Alternatively, you can borrow plastic boxes if you fail to find out cardboard packaging for free. 

Declutter your home

Don’t just organize your stuff—minimize them instead. You shouldn’t necessarily stick to minimalism and its rules, but you may benefit from that approach when moving to a new home. The idea is to focus on things you don’t need anymore, or you haven’t used for a year or so. And then, get rid of it. The things you haven’t used for a while, you most likely don’t need in the future as well. 

Another option is to use this method to let go of things you don’t like. Even though you might find something useful or practical, if you don’t enjoy using it—it’ll be better for you to live without it. According to Maries Condo, a Japanese organizing consultant, it’s usually hard to feel joy when you are surrounded by things you don’t like. You most likely want to create space where you feel optimistic and happy. 

Sell or donate the items you don’t need anymore

You may look at your next move as the perfect opportunity to get extra money. If you’ve already done your decluttering job, you most likely found items that are new or look like new. These items you may want to sell or donate.

One of the best ideas to sell your old items is by organizing a garage sale. Another option is selling by using online applications. If you are active on social networks, you may upload the pictures of your items with short descriptions by using your Facebook or Instagram account.

Things that you can’t sell you may donate. You can always ask your friends or relatives if they need some of your pieces of furniture or other household things. 

Compare the pros and cons of hiring a local moving company or renting a truck

While renting a moving truck might seem the cheapest option at first, it may cost you more nerves than you think. Even though it may look like the economic option at the surface, it is usually far from that. 

Hiring a moving company is always a more comfortable option for you and your family. They are a well-equipped and experienced team of movers who wouldn’t let anything happen by chance. They may make your move go fast with less stress. With a moving company, your belongings will be safer and you’ll be sure that there is a lesser chance for an incidence.

To find the right moving company, you may want to check their reviews and compare the quotes. Do your research and opt for three choices. After making phone calls, you’ll be certain who you would trust. Use their free quotes and free consultation to your benefits.

Choose the right time for a cheaper move

The best time to move on a budget is out of peak season. If you are moving to a mild climate, you may find late autumn, winter, and early spring the perfect time. During these off-season periods, the moving prices drop for about 20 to 30 percent. 

Another tip to schedule your moving date wisely is to reconsider which part of the month suits your budget the best. The beginning and end of the month are often booked long before the actual date. If you have the opportunity to choose your date, then opt for the middle of the month.

Weekends are the busiest days when a majority of people prefer to make a household move. If your business schedule is flexible, you might get better quotes when organizing your move on workdays.

Organize your move effectively to save money

A majority of moving companies base their quotes on a number of hours needed to move your stuff from one place to another. The smart option is to organize your move in advance in order to reduce hours of moving company. 

For example, you may want to pack your stuff at least a month before your actual moving date. Try putting as many items as you can into boxes to simplify your move. You may also want to take measurements of bulky furniture. Sometimes, it may take a moving company hours to put your big piano in a new home where doors are tight and halls are narrow. If you don’t play the piano for years and want to save money, consider selling options.

Keep all sideways free and clean to help moving truck easily reach your new home. You may also want to book in advance a parking spot or to talk with your neighbors just to be sure that the parking place near your home will be free. You most likely want to minimize the distance between your apartment and the truck and maximize the hours of moving professionals.

If you need additional information about your next move, you may call your local movers and storage services in CT

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