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Tips to Move to a Smaller House

November 15, 2019

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Tips to Move to a Smaller House - New Haven moving company

Moving to a smaller house can be challenging, indeed. That can be especially painful when it happens out of necessity. The first thing you need to do is to pack all the household items from your big house to a much smaller place. It can seem like a daunting task. To make your transition smooth and easy, your local moving company in Fairfield, Connecticut, give you the following tips to move to a smaller house.

See the benefits

The benefits of moving to a smaller place are not obvious at the beginning. Some of them include lesser heating costs in winter and reduced cooling costs in summer. You’ll also need less time and effort to keep your home clean and tidy.

Change your mindset

Instead of treating a move to a smaller house as a limiting experience, look at it as the opportunity for change. It might motivate you to get rid of clutter and all the unnecessary stuff that you have been collecting for years. It might surprise you how many things you used to keep without the right reason.

Find out the difference between your needs and wants

When organizing your home, the first thing you want to do might be to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be removed. It usually gets a lot easier when asking yourself -- Do I really need this thing?

All people are prone to advertising messages, especially when they are not aware of them. Through build boards, Internet ads, and other advertising activities, society may convince you that you need certain things that you weren’t aware of.

According to the authors of the book Who Are the Joneses Anyway? Bob and Susan Karcher, say that many people buy into these false messages. They suggest that people start believing the messages because they’ve been offered an ideal image, which the authors called “the Joneses,” to compare with. When comparing themselves with that unattainable image, people mostly feel inadequate as they are lacking something important.

These messages claim that you just need to buy certain products to feel better about yourself. It is usually the best, the recent, the latest thing on the market. In many cases, it is not your authentic need, but rather the conditioning that tells you to buy and keep something you don’t need nor even like it.

Organize your space

One of the benefits of moving to a smaller house is less cleaning and maintenance. Even though this benefit is huge, it comes with the cost—living in a smaller place means struggling with a quick mess. No matter how hard you try to make your house tidy and orderly, small spaces easily get overwhelmed with things.

To overcome this obstacle, you may want to organize your space better. The first thing to do is to calculate all the storage places before you move into your new house. Check all the places such as a basement, attic, closets, shelves, and under-bed space. Then, select things that you frequently use and position them to be the closest to you.

You may also want to sort things by their function, shape, or color. Grouping things will help you with handling your daily tasks easier.

Adopt new habits

One of the most useful ways when moving to a smaller place might be to accept it as the opportunity to begin a more conscious and savvy lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle takes time. It is a process that requires adopting new habits.

For example, you will most likely buy less because you don’t have enough space to store a lot of things. It may make you feel bad in the beginning because until now, you most likely haven’t needed to worry about that. You might simply buy things that are on sale or because of your temporary whims.

Now, it becomes a luxury to behave the same way. You’ll quickly understand that buying new things needs extra space to store them. You will most definitely think twice before purchasing them. This new habit will help you save money and decrease the clutter. Eventually, it will most likely turn into a good thing.  If you have any questions regarding decluttering your home, you can read your blog steps to declutter your home before a move”.

Apply certain rules when it comes to furniture and decoration

As indicated above, small spaces get easily cluttered. For that reason, you may not want to make your house look overwhelmed with too many shelves, commodes, and other small furnishing items that make your space look messy.

The best strategy might be to keep your rooms spacious. To do that, choose small items and dark colors for bigger pieces of furniture to make it appear small. Combine this strategy with bright walls, carpets, and curtains that will help your apartment look fresh, spacious, and translucent.

Remove all the items from the center of your room and let the space stretch out. It will make your home look bigger than actually is.

Don’t overcrowd your space

Resist the need to occupy every corner of your house with furniture. Keep it minimal and simple. Select the items with simple shapes and fewer details.

You may also want to replace your traditional pieces of furniture with more customized to your lifestyle. The idea is to have multifunctional items that can easily change their shape. For example, your cute coffee table may simply transform into a comfortable dining table with an adjustable height mechanism.

If you need help with moving to a smaller house, you may always call our experienced  CT moving team to assist you with packing and storage 

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