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Tips For Moving your Business to a New Location

August 26, 2020

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Tips For Moving your Business to a New Location

Moving an entire business to a different location is a task that takes time and an eye for detail. Creating a checklist and having a good form of communication will save you time and will make sure that nothing is missing. Read this post to get ideas for business movers and what you should do to plan for the smoothest possible move.

Hire a Moving Company

Business relocation is not something companies do on a regular basis. It's vital that you choose business movers that will respect your time and your belongings. Business Movers have a team of experts who will guide your team from beginning to end.  Your team gets an account manager assigned to assist you with every step of the way. They also meet and greet to make a walk-through of your current space and the space you're going to move into. The account manager gets a snapshot of how the move will take place and what the team wants each step of the way. You're never in a place where you don't know what your next steps are going to be because our account managers will keep the communication going.

Communicate with Movers

Moving business locations needs to be discussed in detail. You want to make sure that you inform your staff of the move and also keep in contact with your new leasing manager and movers. A failure in communication will stop the progress of moving down. You want to notify your staff before you move, and get an in-house communication system set. Have weekly meetings to ensure that your employees know what to do while moving. In a business move, everyone has a job whether it is big or small.

Liquidate Your Furniture

If you have furniture, you don't take your furniture with you to your office, hire a liquidation company that will purchase your used furniture from you instead of storing or throwing away your furniture. Furniture liquidation can help you save your new office furniture. Placing furniture in storage can also be a waste of money with recurring payments that can add up in the long run. 

Local Listings

It is important to update all the local listings when you move. Once you've moved, you don't want clients to show up at the wrong address. Send emails in advance notifying your clients that you're moving location. Update your Google / Yelp / Facebook / Website address and any other social listings you have. You can also have a notice on your front door as soon as you move with your new address, just in case the client misses your emails and google listing. This way they can be guided to the right location by the note. Once you move to your new location, send a final email to your clients telling them you've moved to the new address.

Keep Your Receipts

It's important that you keep track of your expenses during your move. Even the tiniest item from tape to a box cutter. You want to keep track of all your receipts, so if you plan to move again, you know how much you've spent on the move for any future references. Communicating this with your employees is crucial, should they spend some money on moving supplies. Make sure all receipts are obtained when you go, or hand them over to the office manager or accounting department.

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