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Tips for moving huge book shelves

August 12, 2021

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Tips for moving huge book shelves

It is a formidable task to move bookshelves, especially when you are a vivid reader and have a huge collection of books. In certain professions like Legal, Medicine etc., they will have massive and gigantic shelves loaded with heavy bound books which are very much needed for their profession, and which just cannot be thrown away while relocating.

So, here are some tips for you to move such kind of huge book shelves.

Clear the books from the shelves

Avoid the biggest mistake of carrying the shelves along with the books. First, clear the books from the shelves and empty them. Otherwise, it will be a challenging task to move the hefty shelf with books as it may tilt to one side and the books may slide off and get damaged. So, after you remove the books, dust them well and put them in boxes. Make sure not to put too many books in each box and the box bottom might give way with the weight. Distribute books with other lighter items like decorations or pillows so you don’t waste the box space but are able to make maximum use of the space.

Dismantle the book shelves

It would be a herculean task to carry out large bookshelves as a single item. So, dismantle them whenever possible. Mostly the shelves are flexible and those can be taken off from the main book cabinet.  Make sure to keep all the screws or nuts in zip lock bags. Then, they can be carried easily to your new home or office without any damage or getting lost. If the screws for different shelves are different make sure to mark the zip lock bags accordingly.

Use furniture sliders

If the shelf cannot be dismantled, then get furniture sliders and someone else to help you in pushing it on the furniture slider. Just like you move out heavy furniture on sliders, bookshelves also can be moved in a similar fashion. Avoid physical injuries and dings on the furniture by using sliders. Note the measurements of shelf and the doors and the passage through which it has to be moved.

Segregate the books

Bring sturdy boxes which can withstand the weight of the books without falling apart. The books can be segregated based on the subject or specialization or general books. Make separate boxes for each category and label them on the box. Like your eldest child’s school books, youngest child’s general books. If they belong to a Law firm or any other profession or company, the books can be packed into different boxes with labels on them, based on the subject/specialization.  

Planning ahead

It will be much better if you can label the boxes for eg. which box needs to be opened first or belongs to which room in the new house or office. This certainly avoids confusion and makes unpacking effortless.

Donate books

Instead of just throwing away the books which you may not require for further reading, consider donating those to the needy and the poor or to any library that might accept them. Call the library ahead before showing up with your unwanted books, as they might have certain policies about accepting books.

Bottomline, your priceless books can be shifted safely and effortlessly, if one hires professional packers and movers, who are well experienced in moving them with utmost care.

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