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Tips for Assessing the School District Before You Move

February 11, 2021

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Tips for Assessing the School District Before You Move

Schools need to be a consideration in your moving decision process when a move involves children. In some cases, you're not going to have an option as far as school districts go. However, you can learn about the school choices that will help you decide which part of the district you need to move to. Remember that just because a school is top-rated doesn't mean that it's your best choice. Additionally, if you meet someone who had a negative experience with a school, that doesn't mean you or your kid will; every student and parent has specific needs. Evaluating a school district can be a little daunting, but these ideas may allow you to nail down your choices.

Is an Effective Parent Teacher Organization in place?

If you want to take an active role in the schooling of your kids, then you will certainly want to look for a district with an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). This formal association consists of teachers, school administrators, and parents who all work together to improve every child's education. Typically, the aims of the PTO include promoting parent volunteerism and community engagement. The group can concentrate on energy efficiency, drug awareness, bicycle safety, reading, and science initiatives. Some PTOs provide seminars and tutoring to parents, and they're better prepared to assist with their child's school work.

Does an After School Program Exist?

After school program invites students to take part in a variety of events after the official school day has concluded. They are held at the school in most cases, but often events such as a library, park, or community center are held elsewhere. Programs also include athletics, performing arts, creative arts, academia, outdoor education, and financial literacy. An after school program is a perfect opportunity for your child to stay busy outside the classroom while you're still at work and make some new friends.

How does the School Report Card Look Like? 

A district report card evaluation gives you a lot of black and white responses, but this should certainly not be the only thing you take into consideration in your decision. To give you a sense of what to look for, take a look at the Connecticut Department of Education website.

What is the Safety Policy of the School District? 

What steps has the district taken to keep kids safe? Has any form of training suggested by Homeland Security been given to employees within the district? For any form of emergency, is there a particular procedure adopted? When your kid starts a new school, assessing the district's security planning protocol should give you greater peace of mind.

Be sure to inquire about the detention and expulsion policies of the school. There are harsher guidelines for certain school districts than others, so be sure to ask in advance.

Are the Teachers Welcoming?

It is likely that the determining factor will come down to school visits within the district. Have you been welcomed in the hallways? How are the classrooms established? Do you see a lot of contact between a student and a teacher? Make sure you feel relaxed ahead of time in both the teaching and social environment.

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