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Things to Know When Moving Your Fridge to Another Home

September 11, 2020

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Things to Know When Moving Your Fridge to Another Home

Moving your fridge from one house to another is anything but easy. Usually, most people actually opt not to take their refrigerators with them when they move. They either use the cooling kitchen appliance that is already in the new residence after the move or purchase a brand-new one.

But every move to the house is different and you can decide to move your fridge at any cost. And you can decide to do the challenging task on your own, without the assistance of experienced movers, in an effort to lower the moving costs. Note that the relocation option will only function well if you move locally.

So, you're moving a fridge on your own but don't know where to start? Keep reading to learn the best ways to move a fridge to another house.

Things to Consider Before Moving a Fridge by Yourself

Decide if your refrigerator should move first. Super heavy refrigerators: older models can weigh around 255 lbs, while newer ones weigh about 175 lbs. And they're made from the lightest materials. Refrigerators are also very large and voluminous, so you'll need to use a dolly utility and a few helpers to move it out of your house.

Is moving your fridge into the new home really worth paying for?

Weigh the options of moving the refrigerator. Often the safest choice is to just leave your refrigerator because of the possibility of damaging the kitchen appliance during the process, causing some form of personal injury during the moving procedure, or inflicting property damage such as damage to the floor or wall.

Also note, since the moving price is determined based on the total weight of the shipment, the heavyweight of your fridge will raise the moving expenses considerably.

Preparing your fridge for move

You can't just load your fridge on a moving dolly as it is and wheel it out of your home in the moving vehicle direction. You cannot and you should not. You’ll have to prepare your refrigerator for moving, and that preparation stage should start at least 24 hrs prior to the day of the move itself.

Here are the detailed steps to prepare a moving fridge:

  • Take out all the food and drinks from your refrigerator a few days before moving. 
  • Unplug your refrigerator. If your refrigerating unit has a separate ice dispenser and a water dispenser then also disconnect those from the water supply.
  • Defrost the refrigerator by leaving the door open or by using a specific defrost mode, if any. Catch the water into appropriate containers to avoid a bigger mess. You can either use a hairdryer to melt the collected ice inside, to finish the defrosting quicker.
  • Clean before moving your fridge – it's a must-do task that will save you a few headaches along the way. And use a smooth sponge and a mixture of water and baking soda to clean the inside surfaces of your fridge.
  • Take all of your refrigerator removable elements – shelves, drawers, etc.   Clean those too, and cover them up when they're fully dry in paper packing. Wrap the fragile pieces in bubble wrap. Move all of them into a large cardboard box once secured for safe transport.
  • Leave the refrigerator door open slightly to prevent mildew from accumulation as your refrigerator dries after cleaning. If you can still smell bad odors from inside, then you can try to neutralize them by putting a small container full of baking soda inside.


Don’t take the risk and permanently damage or ruin your costly kitchen fridge if you're not sure you can handle the difficult job of moving the refrigerator without professional assistance. If it's not an option to leave behind the fridge and you feel anxious about handling the huge, heavy, and yet fragile appliance then get in touch with experienced Refrigerator Movers in CT.

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