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The Most Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

March 27, 2020

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Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving to a new place requires careful planning, excellent organizing skills, and lots of stamina. No matter whether it’s your first, second, or tenth time to move, you can always benefit from improving your skills. Learning certain tips and tricks from professionals is always an excellent idea. Thus, your new home movers in New Haven, CT shares the tips what to do to avoid the most common moving mistakes.  

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the task 

Moving to a new home requires good organizational skills and lots of planning. Some people tend to underestimate the reality of moving, thinking that you just need to put things into the boxes. 

Moving to a new place, however, means going through all of your stuff, sort them out, and decide what you want to keep, donate, or bring with you. Furthermore, your valuable stuff needs special care and handling. Without proper care, you may damage some of your valuables and sometimes it would be hard to replace them because some of them are rare or have special emotional value for you. 

Take the time to organize your move 

One of the best ways to cope with the chaos of moving is planning the moving tasks by weeks. It may help you get a sense of control over this situation. Having a good plan keeps moving stress at bay and helps you feel less overwhelmed. Since you may get too emotional during the moving period, this strategy helps you regain your peace of mind. 

You may want to focus on 8 weeks before the moving day because it’s the optimal time frame you need to prepare your household for the forthcoming move. Go through each week and list the tasks. You may want to create your own moving checklist to keep things running smoothly. 

Accept your feelings and let go of your old stuff 

Decluttering is not easy for anyone. Many things carry emotional value, and it might be hard to part from them from sentimental reasons. To let go of unnecessary stuff, reconsider your beliefs. Emotions that you feel to someone and vice versa is not limited to that stuff. Emotions are yours and you just attached them to this object. They exist on other levels, not on the material. 

What you may want to do is to take your time and get easy on yourself. Moving from one place to another is a primarily emotional experience. Take one step at a time in order to avoid being overwhelmed by decluttering. Just bear in mind that moving fewer things would need less time to pack and unpack, and may significantly decrease the moving costs. 

Get the right packing material 

When moving your household items, you’ll need lots of boxes. You may need more than 40 boxes of different sizes. The most important thing about boxes is that you don’t need to buy them. You may find local businesses in your area that don’t need cardboard boxes and use them for free. The second option is to let your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors know that you need boxes. You may also share a post on social media to collect more.

However, it’s important to find boxes of the right size for your valuable items. You most definitely don’t want your valuables to move around inside the box during transport. Find the box of the right size and add cushioning material to fill the gaps. 

You will also need lots of packing material to wrap your fragile items and glassware. Don’t try to save on the bubble wraps, you’ll need plenty of them. Wrap each plate, glass, and cup with bubble wrap before you place them into the boxes. And don’t forget to label these boxes ‘fragile’ on all sides to help movers focus on them and handle your fragile items with care. 

Improve your packing skills 

One of the most common mistakes is packing the household items in the wrong boxes. For example, when you pack your heavy items in big boxes, you and your movers won’t be able to lift them. To avoid this scenario, pack your heavy items such as books together with clothes, or use the small boxes to pack weighty stuff. You would also want to pack heavy items in sturdy new boxes to facilitate their transport and keep everyone safe. 

Avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence

Even though confidence is usually a good thing, overconfidence may be the opposite in many cases. If you are a person who enjoys doing activities by yourself, moving to a new place by yourself might not be a good idea. Moving usually contains lots of hidden costs and hidden obstacles. And if you are not well-versed, it may cost you far more than you’ve expected. 

When you move by yourself, you’ll most definitely engage your friends and neighbors. Even though they are most likely good people, many of them are inexperienced in moving. That means you’ll likely need more time to move your stuff from one place to another. All of you might become overwhelmed with lots of time-consuming tasks and you may end up feeling bad for putting other people under the moving stress. 

Heavy lifting is one more obstacle that needs to be properly handled. Professional movers are much better at it and their risk of injury is significantly lower than yours. Thus, you might think once again about your forthcoming move and take into account the pros and cons of both options to make a decision that is right for you.

If you need more help and assistance from our experienced team of professionals, you may always contact your Professional movers from Hartford, Connecticut.

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