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August 18, 2022

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Relocating Your Business? Here’s a Complete Checklist
When planning an office relocation, several details must be coordinated, and many people will be involved in various stages of the moving process. Below is the ultimate checklist for your business move.

If your business has evolved and expanded over the years, it’s natural to have outgrown your existing office space. Regardless of the reason behind the move, even as business leaders, it can be challenging to manage the relocation with minimal impact on the employees and overall business productivity. You will need assistance from professional packers and movers, and a thorough checklist to make a smooth transition.

To help you with your business relocation successfully, lessen the negative consequences of change, and present your move as a positive, exciting development for your company and your workers, we've put together a comprehensive guide that includes the mandatory checklists.


Detailed research is necessary to make sure you and your employees have a comfortable move without having any barriers. Know your basic needs and mandatory requirements before beginning to move prior two months. It is the team project manager who shall assist and manage various issues within and beyond the timeline. Below listed is the checklist for ensuring the groundwork is done.

  • Appoint an office relocation project manager and team.
  • Design a floor plan.
  • Examine your current lease and calculate any penalties.
  • Request quotes from moving companies.
  • Determine the budget for your move.
  • Confirm a moving date.
  • Inspect office moving insurance costs.
  • Shortlist your location and complete all necessary documentation.
  • Blueprints of the new office location shall always be handy.



Ensure that all levels of employees are informed and that a proper plan for your move is prepared. To plan ahead of time, assign roles and responsibilities to team members. The checklist below will assist you in ensuring that your relocation has been communicated to all levels.


  • Make certain that your current client lists are up to date.
  • Collaborate and update the address information within certain facilities like post offices, client offices, banks, and other government institutions.
  • Make precise changes that are required to be replaced on social media, website, google business, and Ads.
  • Assess and revise all delivery subscriptions.
  • Inform the current landlord and issue a notice.
  • Arrange new business cards, letterheads, and other envelopes.
  • Notify your internet and telecom providers about your relocation to set up connection services at a  later date.
  • Audit all stationery, parking passes, access cards, and other security procedures.



You must plan your logistics and create a checklist to avoid losing any office furniture, supplies, or inventory. Make labeling and packing a top priority to ensure everything runs smoothly. The checklist below will help you keep your logistics on track.

  • Purchase new furniture according to the new interior design.
  • Plan the seating arrangement of the workspace.
  • Set up any external or internal storage that is required.
  • Appoint cleaning services before moving.
  • Organize all emergency procedures training at the new location.
  • Make a list of emergency contact information for everyone involved in the relocation, as well as elevator maintenance and property managers.

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