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Relocating to a New Place

May 5, 2022

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Relocating to a New Place
Relocating to a New Place? Here are some questions you must ask your mover before your moving day.
Relocating to a New Place? Here are Some Questions You Must Ask Your Mover

Moving to a new place is exhilarating, but it can also be extremely exhausting. Contacting several movers, gathering quotes, carrying out the due diligence, and then finalizing the moving company that you want to go with, all require a lot of planning and patience. Now that you have crossed that step, here are some important questions you must ask the professional mover, to cut back on the stress on the actual move day.

1. Who is my point of contact?

Ensure to ask your moving company to share the contact details of the driver as well as a customer coordinator or manager whom you can get in touch with easily in case you wish to communicate any last-minute changes. Having a direct contact number of the driver will also help you track your belongings, and coordinate with them for locating the exact delivery location, or even parking the delivery trucks close by while unloading.

2. Are there any charges over and above the written estimate?

The moving company will give you an itemized written estimate based on the items that you wish to move. Take your time to read through this document to understand what services are included and if there is something that you want is not included in the estimate. For example, many moving companies don’t include the pick up of any empty boxes or packing of certain loose items from your place in the estimate, and you may incur additional charges. It’s always a good idea to ask a lot of questions to avoid last-minute surprises.

3. Are there any items that cannot be shipped or not-allowed on the moving truck?

While most moving companies pack and move almost all sorts of things like your furniture, clothing, household items, and personal possessions. Anything hazardous, or flammable like lamp oils, propane tanks, matches, perishable food items, and plants are usually on the not-allowed on the moving truck list. Ideally, your moving company should share this list with you, in case they don’t, ask them right away, so that you can make alternate arrangements to move them.

4. Do you use any subcontractors for long-distance moving?

Long-distance moving involves changing the moving trucks at some point. Many moving companies use subcontractors to do this work. Sometimes during the transfer, your personal items may get damaged or even may get lost. We encourage you to speak to your movers about this, and if they do use subcontractors, then carry out complete research of the company, and ask your movers to give you their point of contact details too.

5. When will I receive my belongings?

Another crucial piece of information that you should check with the moving company is the estimated time and date of arrival at your new place. If you are moving locally, then the moving company is likely to give you the near approximate time it would take to pack, load, travel, and unload the items.

If you haven’t yet found a mover, then connect with the professional movers in Fairfield, CT to get a free estimate.

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