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Protecting Your Floor During A Move

November 25, 2021

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Protecting Your Floor During A Move
When moving into a new house, there are a few precautions you can take to protect your carpet and floors.

Many things can harm your floor during a move. If dragged or dropped, heavy furniture and appliances can dent, ding, and scratch flooring. Even if you carry everything in and out, excessive traffic can leave scratches and dirt behind, resulting in a loss of deposit or the need to make repairs. While covering your floors is yet another step to take during relocation, it is well worth it to avoid any problems. Use these pointers to discover the simplest and most effective ways to safeguard your hardwood, carpet, stairwells, vinyl, and tile surfaces.

Types of floorings

Hardwood floor

When it comes to protecting hardwood floors while moving appliances and furniture, you have a few alternatives. The most economical option is red rosin paper, which will provide a layer of protection against wear and tear. However, Floor Shield is the finest protection for prefinished hardwood. It's thicker than red rosin paper, non-slip, and self-adhesive, making it both protective and simple to install. 


Carpet film, an adhesive poly sheet, is the best and simplest solution to cover carpet during moving. Unroll it and step on it to stick it to the floor, just like plastic wrap. When used for a short period of time, it leaves no residue and protects both cut- and looped-pile carpets against stains and damage.


When moving with vinyl flooring, the primary issue is scuffs and tears, so make sure to put down cardboard if you're going to slide appliances or furniture over it. Alternatively, lay down red rosin paper and secure it with blue painter's tape to protect the finish.

Ram Board

Ram Board is a temporary floor covering that is designed to preserve floors while they are being renovated. It works on most types of floors, is simple to install, and may be reused.

This is a must-have product for safeguarding floors during a relocation, and it's available at most local hardware stores.

Carpet masking

Carpet masking film is the way to go if you have carpeted floors in your home. The film adheres readily to soft carpeting and protects against paint, spills, and grime. It's simple to remove and doesn't leave any residue behind when you're done moving. It's also available in most hardware stores.

Floor sliders

Floor sliders are attached to the legs or the bottom of your furniture. They're available at your local hardware or furniture store. They allow heavy furniture, appliances, and fitness equipment to glide across smooth surfaces, such as your floor.

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