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Products That Need Custom Crating Solutions

July 14, 2022

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 Products That Need Custom Crating Solutions
Custom crating is ideal when you want to move fragile, high-value, heavy items. If you are wondering what products might necessarily require custom crating, then read on to know more.

Custom crating services have been expanding rapidly as customers realize the potential of purchasing personalized crates and containers to transport their goods. A shipping crate is a heavy-duty wooden box used to transport large items. Crates are commonly used for large, bulky materials that require extra coverage during transport. The height and weight of the material, as well as its fragility, can be used to design a custom crate. An expert from a reputed moving company can devise customized solutions to ensure that your shipments arrive safely at their destinations. They will take measurements and custom-build a wooden box to fit the right item in the right box.


1. Glassware

Glassware could be your kitchen cutlery, your expensive wall illustrations, table lamps, flower vases, antique mirrors, wine bottles, or chandeliers. All of these items must be packed securely because they vary in shape, size, and height.

2. Musical Instruments

Inside a crate, your musical instruments will be safe and protected. Because of their irregular shapes and uneven load capacity when lying down, all instruments including electric guitars, harps, or even pianos should be packed very carefully to avoid any sort of damage. The most crucial aspect is cushioning, which restricts too much shock from transferring into them and thus impacting the structure.

3. Antique Furniture

Packing your prized possessions can be nerve wracking, especially when dealing with antique furniture. Few assets such as couches, dining tables, storage cabinets, and cabinetry, should never be damaged since they are classic and should be cautiously packed. Such antique furniture are frequently transported in wooden crates. They are ideal for shielding items from shocks and vibrations.

4. Industrial Stoves and Ovens

The industrial stoves and ovens are frequently shipped in wooden packaging, particularly heavy hit crates. The bottom, four sides, and head of the crate are made and delivered in six units. The appliances are positioned on the base, and afterward, the sides and head are positioned around it. The entire assembly is then stretch wrapped and shipped.

5. Engines and Compressors

Huge compressors necessarily require sturdy crating. Custom designs may include multiple padlocked pieces. These oversized engines require the use of personalized crates which enable these to be adjusted into the unit. These crates must be made to withstand exceptionally heavy loads and may even include a sling that suspends the engine within the crate.

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