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Places to Donate Your Clothes Before Your Move

March 25, 2021

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Places to Donate Your Clothes Before Your Move

Before you move, getting rid of clutter and unwanted things will allow you to make more room for new items while also lowering your moving costs. Donating your old clothes is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. You will also support those in need by decluttering your home and recycling, in addition to packing less and spending less for transportation. Many  organisations accept donations and support people in tough times. If you're thinking where to donate clothes before moving, we've put together a handy list for you.

Goodwill Stores

The most well known nonprofits organizations that will accept your old garments is Goodwill. You may donate it to one of their donation centers, and they can sell it in one of their many shops. That money can be used to help people in need of jobs and pay for job training.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that performs a range of  charity services. They address human needs in whatever way they can, from alcohol to domestic violence to disaster relief. You can donate your garments by visiting a drop-off location or scheduling a free pickup.

Thrift Stores

People buy at thrift stores for a variety of reasons, ranging from getting great deals to looking for unique items that aren't available in local stores. Many thrift stores partner with charitable organizations to provide jobs or collect money for those in need. These are perfect places to drop off your clean and packed garments, and they'll sort through them to see what makes it to the shop floor. Please keep in mind that damaged clothing is generally not accepted.

Tips for Preparing Items Before Donating

Now that you know where to donate clothes before moving, take a look at a few handy tips for preparing items for drop off.


Contact them

When you go to the organization with your things to donate, call or stop by to see if they have any special requests. Many organizations, for instance, may not accept undergarments, so be careful to verify their policies. Also, inquire about their specific delivery schedule so you can know when is the best time to drop off your clothes.

Wash the clothes 

Just clean clothes should be donated, so thoroughly rinse them and remove any marks before donating. And use an odour-free detergent and stay away from strong scents that can irritate certain buys. Things like towels and bedding should be dry cleaned if possible.

Seasonal clothes

Since most charities have little storage space, choosing seasonal apparel can be very helpful. Giving away warm clothes in June, for instance, would not be very beneficial. If you have clothes for a season other than the present one, pack them up in storage until the appropriate season comes.

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