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Packing Your Baubles for a Move? Here Are Some Handy Tips

May 26, 2022

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Packing Your Baubles for a Move? Here Are Some Handy Tips
Whether you own a mid-size or large jewelry collection, its important to pack them appropriately while moving to avoid damage or displacement. Here are some helpful tips.

When moving, the most difficult objects to move aren't always the heaviest or largest. Small valuables are the ones that can be readily displaced. This holds true for jewelry. If you have a huge jewelry collection, it’s practically not feasible to carry it along with you throughout, especially if it is a cross-country move. Here are some handy tips on how to pack your jewelry safely when you want them to be moved by the local moving company.

Take stock of your jewelry

Whether you have a large collection of fine jeweler or only a few precious pieces, you must first ensure that you know exactly the number of jewelry pieces you own, even before you prepare to pack them. With everything written down on paper, you can tally the match when you are unpacking the items.

Invest in a jewelry roll

The jewelry rolls are often used while travelling, but these also make an excellent choice while moving, especially if you have a modest-sized jewelry collection. You can place your baubles in the distinct pockets, and then simply roll them to secure them in place. You may have to buy a couple of jewelry rolls depending on the size of the collection. You can even bubble wrap these jewelry rolls for added protection.

Use straws for necklaces and bracelets

No one in the world likes to go through the hassle of untangling necklaces and bracelets, it’s a headache we all want to avoid. So what’s the solution? Plastic straws! Run the necklace through the straw and then clasp both the ends. You can trim the straws to even pack bracelets. Now place these straws in a cloth bag or plastic pouch to keep them together. To pack chunky necklaces, a toilet paper roll can be used instead of straws.

Pack earrings using a sheet of foam and buttons

When it comes to earrings, the main thing to consider is to keep the pair buddied up without getting lost. The simplest way to do this for stud earrings is to use a sheet of form. Just piece the earring pair into the sheet and fasten the earring back. You can also use a small piece of tape to make sure the earring back doesn't fall off. To pack dangling earrings and chandeliers, buttons serve the purpose beautifully. Place these buttons in a box along with the foam sheet, and there you are all set to move them.

Use pill case to pack rings

Rings are the simplest to pack and transport, all you need is a pill case. You can also use an egg carton to pack rings and other tiny ornaments like nose rings. Place the ring in an individual cup, and then place crushed packing paper over it to secure them in place. Later tape up the whole egg case and bubble wrap it.

Some professional movers won’t allow you to load the valuable jewelry inside the truck, and this is due to insurance. For a mover, lost jewelry is costly to replace, so keep it with you whenever feasible. In such cases, it’s best to carry jewelry along with you.

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