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Packing Lampshades for Your Move

April 1, 2021

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Packing Lampshades for Your Move

You've already spent some time looking around for the right ways to pack your valuable items and breakables. If you're like most people, though, learning how to pack lampshades for moving was not on your to-do list. It's two days before your move, and you're stumped as to what to do with your lamps, particularly the shades. Most people don't know how delicate these decorative objects are.

Begin with the box

A box large enough for the base and a separate box for the lampshade will be needed. Even if you are just moving these two things for a small distance, you should never pack them together. If you have a glass or metal shade, the shade box doesn't have to be very robust. Lampshades are usually made of cloth and are therefore extremely thin. Make sure the boxes you choose are in good condition so they can provide the best protection.

Lampshades must be removed from their bases. 

How do you transport lampshades? As previously said, you will not be packing the shade attached to the foundation, so it must be removed. A screw or tab-like object that can be turned can be found at the very top of it. Twist it in a counterclockwise direction until it finally disengages. If you're having trouble turning it clockwise, try turning the lampshade. You can also loosen it up this way. Save that tab somewhere secure in a zip lock that you can include in the same box. That way you will have the tab with each lampshade box. 

Clean the Lampshades

You'll need to clean lampshades first before you start packing them. There's no need to bring dust, bacteria, animal hair, and other contaminants into your new home. You actually have to "dust" them depending on how dirty they are (or how old they are). This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

  • Vacuum – To remove surface debris, use an attachment on the wand of your vacuum. This is perfect for shade with pleats if you have a crevice connection.
  • A Hair Dryer -  Not much dust is visible? Turn on a hair dryer and blow the dust away gently. Since you'll be blowing it into the air, this isn't the best choice.
  • Lint Rollers – Use the same lint roller you use to strip pet hair from your dark clothing to clean the shades.
  • Tape – You probably have a roll of tape on hand while you're packing. To remove dust from the shade, use the sticky side. You may use the tape to make a mitten and then rub your hand over your lamp shades.

How to wash a cloth lampshade?

Lampshades can be washed in the tub before being packed. If the lampshade is tiny, you could also do it in the sink or a bucket. Simply pour in enough cool water to fully cover the shade. Squeeze some mild dishwashing detergent into the water and agitate it. Laundry soap made for delicate garments may be used, as any other kind may be too harsh. Rinse until the water is clear and soap is no longer visible. Before packing, gently shake the shade and allow it to dry fully. If you're in a rush, a hair dryer can come in handy.

You would not be able to soak your lampshade if it is glued rather than stitched. In this case, a soot and dirt removal sponge should be used.

How to clean different types of lampshades?

Plastic – These shades are easy to clean with soap and water. Or just a wet sponge.

Glass – Most glass lampshades can be washed with soapy water and dried in front of a fan. If the lampshade has beveled glass or is made of jadestone, use an ammonia-free cleaning product. Lemon-oil-based glass cleaners and furniture polishes are ideal. Submerging glass shades in water is not recommended, particularly if they are made of delicate wire or metal.

Parchment – A dirt removal sponge or a slice of white bread may be used on these. It would magically remove the soil.

How to Pack Lampshades

The metal arm piece that surrounds the bulb is known as the harp. It's very fragile and can easily be snapped if left on. Either the lampshade or the base will be wrapped with it.

The light bulbs should be taken out and wrapped as well. This is particularly true when it comes to CFLs. Mercury is present in small quantities in these bulbs. You must open a window and leave the room for 10 minutes if one breaks. Be sure to get rid of any pets as well. Then, using a wet paper towel, wipe away the broken glass and powder, and put the residue in a glass container outside until it can be properly disposed of.

Packing the Lamp Base

Most of the time, you'll want to cover the base in bubble wrap. The box should stand slightly higher than the base. Since you'll be creating cushioning in the bottom of this box as well, make sure there's enough space to close it completely. After all, even if all you wanted to know was how to pack lampshades for relocation, the base of these decor pieces is just as important as the shades.

Place the base far enough away from the edge of the box to allow for cushioning. Pillows, blankets, sweaters, and other related products are excellent fillers. Often mark this box as having lamps so you can quickly find it when the sun begins to set as you're unpacking.

Still have questions about packing Lampshades for your move? Contact the Trusted Moving  Company in Hartford, CT.

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