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Packing A Garage For A Move

September 23, 2021

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Packing A Garage For A Move
Packing a garage for a move is a pretty challenging task. However, we have come up with a few important tips to make your packing stress-free.

One of the most challenging areas of your home to pack for a relocation is the garage and tool shed. The difficult process of garage sorting comes first, next to the laborious task of packing up your garage belongings for relocating.

Due to the substantial amount of time and effort required to pack your garage for a relocation, you should never put the “fun” garage packing experience till the very end, when your energy levels are low and your willingness to pack is even lower.

Fortunately, there are simple techniques to quickly reduce clutter and pack your garage in an orderly and logical manner. 

Declutter and Donate

Before you begin packing, it's a good idea to go through your garage and discard everything you don't need or use very often. If you have the time, you may hold a garage sale, donate stuff to a local nonprofit or Goodwill store.

Keep a large trash receptacle and a bag of 45 Gallon Heavy Duty Bags on standby while you go through your possessions so you can simply dispose of anything you can't donate or sell. You don't want to waste time packing and unpacking things you won't need again.

Things you can’t move

Certain items are not permitted on moving trucks, and many of these items can be found in your garage. Set aside the following goods for relocation separately in your own vehicle when packing up your garage:

– Paints, as well as paint thinners

– Cans of aerosol

– Propane storage tanks

– Pesticides and herbicides

– Car batteries

– Pool chemicals

– Liquid bleach

– Cleaning liquids

Packing hand tools 

Your garage will undoubtedly be crowded with hand tools of different kinds, shapes, and dimensions.

Put most of the smaller hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, etc. into the toolbox as much as possible. If you don’t have a toolbox, put them in a furniture blanket and put them in a small sturdy box. 

Wrap all sharp gardening tools like rakes, shovels, pruning shears, sickles, etc with bubble wrap, and then fix the plastic wrap around with a string. In addition, combine all gardening tools with long handles, brooms, shovels, etc., and then wrap them in a blanket. 

Packing bicycles

In most cases, it may be good to leave the bicycle on the truck as it is. But if you are worried, you can always buy a special bicycle box or bag to ensure safe transportation. However, they are not cheap, so if you want, you could reuse them for other types of bicycle trips.

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