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Pack Fragile Items Like a Pro with These Crucial Tips

June 2, 2022

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Pack Fragile Items Like a Pro with These Crucial Tips
Packing fragile items for a move requires time and a lot of patience. Here are some pro tips that can make this activity less nerve-wrecking.

We all know that relocating to a new town alone is a stressful task, and packing and moving fragile items can make it even more nerve-wracking. You are concerned about your favorite vase, bone china dinner set, or champagne glass set getting damaged or even broken while the boxes are being moved around.  We feel you.

The first step toward protecting fragile items is how you pack them. With little extra effort, and caution you can move all these items securely to your new house, without a single scratch or crack. We bring you some handy tips to avoid this moving nightmare.

1.   Set aside ample time: One of the biggest things with packing the fragile item is time and patience. It’s an activity that shouldn't be rushed at all. Scan your home and make a list of all the fragile items that need extra attention, this way you will have an estimate of the number of boxes and different packaging materials you may require.


2.   Select the right packing material: Stocking up enough packaging material is very important. Fragile items often require an extra layer of protection. As the first line of defense, wrap the fragile items with the packing paper twice and then add a second layer of protection using bubble wrap. Now tape the bubble wrap to tightly secure it in place.


3.   Get different sizes of boxes: Ideally, fragile items like a porcelain vase, antique clock, lampshades, or valuable glass statue should be packed and placed in their original boxes. But, if you haven’t stored the boxes, then you may want to buy new moving boxes of varied sizes, instead of using the old cardboard ones lying around in the house. The old boxes deteriorate in due course of time and can become flimsy, giving way easily.


4.   Place items vertically: It’s best to pack plates, and glass frames vertically into the box. For this, you need to get the boxes that have the height and width almost the same as the items. Before placing the fragile items inside the box, layer the bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper, and then start placing the items inside.


5.   Avoid overstuffing: We know you are tempted to make the most of the space inside the box, and pack as many things as you can in it. Overstuffing the box doesn’t allow the items to snuggle properly,  causing them to clash with each other during the move. It’s best to leave some space between different items, and fill this space with the crumpled packing paper. This prevents the items from rubbing against each other during the move. Always secure the box with additional stripes of tape at the bottom as well as on the top.

6.   Label the boxes: Every box holding fragile items should be marked as ‘FRAGILE’ in bold letters. Make sure to label the top of the box as well as all the four sides to avoid this being missed out on by the residential movers.

If you feel jittery about undertaking this task, then contact professional packing services in CT who can help you with stress-free packing and moving.

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