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Office Move – What to consider before you move?

July 17, 2020

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Office Move – What to consider before you move

When moving to a new office, having an office move checklist is essential, so that nothing is ignored. Lots of things to consider when looking for an office such as security for the workplace, location, office management, and much more. We highlighted the top 5 things in this blog that you can check off before you move to your new place.

Opt for a furnished new office

As with apartments, offices come pre-furnished as well. When looking for an office, ask the leasing manager if it is pre-furnished or if any furniture comes with it. Perhaps you can have cabinets or a conference room table with the office if you do not have desks. Looking for a pre-furnished office will dramatically ease your move because you will not have to shop for furniture.

Check for parking space availability

Not all of the offices have parking spaces for your staff members. Ask the leasing manager what the lease includes. How many parking spots are available, and if there's no parking, what's the cost of a parking pass? Whether your office is in the city or downtown, your parking garage may not be connected to your office building. Have a headcount ready for how many parking spaces you may need and if your team is expanding, ask them if it's okay to add to the parking spaces later on. When the car park is filling up, buy a few extra passes for any new hires you might have.


Your checklist for moving your office will include safety as a top priority. You don't want the staff to get scared of coming to work. If your office is in downtown or in an area that isn't too developed, see if building security is in place. If not see how far the nearest police station is. Becoming over-prepared for protection is often better than being under.  Ask your building management if you can call a non-emergency security number. If there is, feel free to send your staff the number so they can always give them a call in case they ever feel nervous.

Lease Contracts

Before signing your lease it is necessary to get answers to all the cost questions. Ask your new office management for any initial costs. If they have a cleaning service that comes to take out the trash and vacuum, how much do they charge for that as well as any parking charges? How long does your contract last? Is it cheaper to sign a longer lease than a shorter lease? How flexible is your contract if you decide to get out of it, what is the policy of canceling?

IT Support In-House

The technology world needs a trustworthy internet connection. Make sure your new office is well connected with high quality IT assistance through wireless internet. It is critical that there is IT help in-house if you have a large team. If not, please see if you can call IT at the office.

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