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Moving Your Home Gym Equipment

February 4, 2021

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Moving Your Home Gym Equipment

Moving can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when your home gym contains a lot of large and heavy equipment that can be damaged. This equipment is heavy and is not easily packed in moving boxes without taking it apart. We think it is best to hire an experienced local mover to move your gym equipment.

Here are some tips for easy and safe moving your gym equipment to help make your move go more smoothly:


The first and foremost thing you need to do when moving home gym equipment is to clean it all properly and sanitise it. Proper cleaning will make your equipment look brand new after the relocation. Use a paper towel and all purpose cleaner to wipe down your yoga mats and accessories and also clean all the handrails and surfaces on your treadmill, weight machines, elliptical, and all other fitness equipment.

Yoga Equipment

If you're packing up your home gym, starting with the smaller things is a smart idea. People should start packing things such as the yoga mats and accessories, which include towels, blocks and blankets. Find packing boxes that are big enough to carefully carry and pack all your yoga equipment. You can start by rolling your yoga mat from beginning to end and then secure it with a strap or a bag before it is placed. Then, fit in the other accessories into the container and fill the empty space with newspaper or other packaging filling.

Dumbbells and Hand Weights

When moving sets of heavier equipment, the key tip to note is to ensure that your moving boxes are sturdy enough to hold the weight. It's a good idea to use small moving boxes, instead of larger ones, as weights can burst through. To accommodate the load, you can also use plastic bins. For wrapping hand weights, here are some more tips:

  • Wrap the weights in a bubble wrap or a newspaper to secure them during relocation.
  • To avoid the weights from moving around and banging up against one another, fill the box with sheets and towels.
  • To stop them being too heavy, carry a maximum of four smaller hand weights per container.

Treadmills, Elliptical and Other Equipments

Since ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes are very bulky, before you move them, you will need to prepare very carefully. To prepare and transport your larger workout equipment, here are some general guidelines to follow. For more clarification, you can also search the owner's manual:


  • Adjust the incline to zero and delete the safety key.
  • Switch off the machine and detach it from the wall.
  • To make it fold against the console and click into place, lift the walking deck.
  • To protect the walking deck, insert the locking pin or tighten the knob.
  • Wrap the moving blankets or other material around the machine to protect it.


  • Start by unplugging the workout equipment, then disassemble all the components like pedals, handlebars and base.
  • With moving blankets, cover the pieces individually and mark them, packing them in their original packaging. Or, you might use huge moving boxes to pack everything.

Stationary Bike:

  • In a moving blanket, cover your bike by wrapping it. Unplug the unit if you have an electric bike and put all the cables in a safe location that you can know.
  • Place something under your bike to shield your floors from scratches (cardboard, towels, or furniture sliders).

A home gym is precious and expensive, so it needs good care when you move it to your new place. If you're having a hard time moving your equipment, hire the best Professional Movers in Hartford, CT to help.

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