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Moving Tips for Introverts

February 14, 2020

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Moving Tips for Introverts | local moving company in CT

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, moving can be hard. It imposes you to new sights, new people, and new experiences. Relocation simply moves you out of your comfort zone. People with extrovert personalities usually tolerate better changes and tend to be more adventurous than introvert people. 

However, introverts can also learn to adjust easier to new circumstances. If you are an introvert, your local moving company from New Haven, Connecticut, shares the following moving tips for introverts to help you with your forthcoming move.

Before applying some of these tips, identify what type of introvert are you. Even though many people tend to show introvert tendencies in their behavior, they usually hugely differ between each other. Listen to your gut and apply the tips that sound as they are written for you. To find out more about your personality type, you may want to take some of the online quizzes.

Prepare yourself in advance

The main difference between extrovert and introvert people is their attitude to unexpected events. When you are about to move to a new place, you should count on unexpected as a regular thing. The best strategy for you might be to do your research and familiarize yourself with a new place. Sometimes, you’ll need to learn more about its history, important sights, and the most influential people of the town. 

You may also want to find potential acquaintances who already live in a new place where you want to move in. Ask your friends and neighbors whether they know someone who can help you learn more about life in your next life destination. When you get all your info, you can form a clear picture of what could you expect in the future. Most importantly, knowing as much as you can about a new place will give you a sense of familiarity and help you feel safe once you move in.

Create your survival kit

It is essential. Pack the things that can give you a sense of home. It might be your book of prayers, your journal, your favorite fiction book, your cozy blanket, your soft sleepers, candles, or chocolate. Whatever helps you feel like home, bring it with you. The more effort you put to make your new place like home, the easier it’ll get to adjust to new circumstances.

Set up your local comfort zone

Before moving to a new place, mark the objects you might be interested in on your map. You may circle your local café, library, or bookshop. These places may create your safety zone when you begin visiting them regularly. You may want to add your local park or fountain if they don’t host frequent visitors. Opt for ordinary, cozy places that are away from the crowd. This way, you’ll be sure that spending time on your own while observing people passing by will recharge your batteries. 

Take one step at a time

Don’t push yourself with packing. Take as much time as you need to declutter and pack your stuff. The whole process of inspecting, sorting, and organizing things might be daunting to you. As an introvert, you may easily get overwhelmed with emotions that come up inevitably with the moving. Take your time and go with the flow. Don’t force yourself to pack your household all at once. 

Allow yourself enough time to process your emotions when they appear. You most likely feel at ease when having enough space to work through your memories and feelings. It’s some kind of saying good-bye to your old phase. This process is crucial for a successful move. The sooner you process your emotions, the faster you’ll be ready for a fresh start. Thus, slow down and take one step at a time. 

Maintain regular contact with your support group

Wherever you go, schedule regular online or offline meetings with your closest friends and relatives. Having someone you can honestly speak to is essential for this life phase. These precious people will help you feel anchored in your new life even though your outer circumstances have changed. Don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate their unconditional support.

Accept yourself as you are

As an introvert, you might be tempted to behave like an extrovert to adjust faster to a new place and escape uncomfortable feelings. When being under the pressure, you might try to put on a mask and conform to the standards of the omnipresent extroverted society. For the sake of your well-being, don’t do that. To feel good and safe at your new place, socialize in your own way.

Since your deep personal relationships give you a sense of purpose and represent the key for your happiness, give them some time. You are most likely slow but intimate socializator, who may feel awkward at small talk. However, you may contribute to small talk in your own way. Try to be as much authentic as you can. Sometimes, it may require you to feel uncomfortable at first, especially when you open up and speak out about your beliefs and thoughts. But, without this kind of exposure, you won’t be able to find like-minded people and create meaningful relationships.

Treat yourself                      

In this stressful period, you most definitely need a good rest and a nutritious meal. To sleep better and rest well, find enough time to relax. You don’t need to unpack all the things as soon as possible. Just determine what space of your new house you can easily make like home at first. It could be a small nook or a kitchen. 

Clear the space and make yourself comfortable by cooking a good meal. Now, it is not the right time to think about diet. Be generous and treat yourself with a nutritious dinner. A glass of wine or a chocolate dessert may boost your mood and help you feel relaxed and at ease. Let your senses enjoy the pleasure of the first meal in your new home. It’ll help you replenish your energy and be ready for further challenges. 

To find out more about the moving process and its details, you may always ask your local moving company from Hartford, Connecticut.

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