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Moving Hacks for a Fast Move

June 19, 2020

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Moving Hacks for a Fast Move

Planning is the key to a quick and easy move. What this means is that if you prepare it all in advance, you will possibly have a quick transition into your new house. Below are several tips for speeding up the moving process.

Call The Utility Companies In Advance

As soon as you know that you're moving, just go ahead and give your utility companies a quick call. Once it is scheduled, let them know the date of your move for your new address. This will allow them to arrange for the transfer of utilities to your new home. 

That's great to do so that during the hustle and bustle of your move, you don't have to deal with calling the utility companies. Doing it sooner rather than later is just one more thing that you can check out your to-do list!

Find A Moving Company ASAP

You're not going to want to leave this one to the last minute. There's a lot of planning going on when you choose the safest and most affordable mover for your move. It's important to schedule this one well in advance to have a good moving-day experience.

If you are considering a local move or moving to a smaller home, the sweet spot for planning and scheduling appears to be two months in advance. You'll want to schedule your relocation much sooner for a long-distance move, if possible. Interview a number of movers to get quotations or you can talk to someone on the phone and get a feel for whether they're fit for your move.

Donate Early

It is advisable to donate early in the process. Sorting through belongings is a smart thing to do around the time you plan the move. The sooner you get started the faster your move will be. Contact local donation centers and get a general idea of what you'd like to give. That will be key in your relocation planning process.

If you have large or bulky items like couches, sofas, and dressers you're not sure about, you should keep that in mind. Your moving company will most likely charge you more for including them in the relocation. If you're not sure, donate them as well to make the move quicker!

Leave Your Drawers

This moving hack is best because before, during, and after your move, it will take out hours of your time. The majority of people empty drawers and pack the items into boxes. This is not always the cleverest thing to do, though.

Why not leave things in the drawers, and use plastic wrap to protect them. They can jiggle around within a little, but when you arrive, it saves you the hassle of unpacking their items.

Keep Clothing On Clothes Hangers

Another great moving hack that's a huge time-saver. Leave your clothes in your closet, as they are. You may pack them literally in big trash bags or garment bags, and place them on the moving truck.

Un-hanging clothes and folding or rolling them just to put them in a box is crazy. Why not just put it in the way it is and plop it into the moving van? You're going to eliminate a lot of work and be happy that your move will go faster than expected.

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