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Most Prevalent Moving Injuries To Know

October 8, 2020

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Most Prevalent Moving Injuries To Know

Anybody can suffer moving injuries. You can expect them to occur if you don't lift anything in the right way or you don't look where you are going. Hiring professional movers in Connecticut to help you move is the best way to prevent such an injury. If you choose to DIY, here are a few tips that will be ideal for you.

Here are a few of the common injuries and how you can avoid them.

Strained Back

One of the most prevalent injuries that can be sustained when moving is strained back. Normally, it is caused by heavy lifting. You can ask for assistance if you don't know how to handle sturdy furniture. In addition, to avoid these accidents from arising, you need to lift heavy boxes from your knees instead of your back. You may also suffer from herniated discs by lifting furniture in the wrong way. Therefore, before you begin moving your boxes, you should learn proper lifting techniques.

Ankles and knees

Injuries to ankles and knees will occur if you don't clear a path while moving stuff. Knee braces will also provide you with extra protection so that your knees are not banged up. It’s best to wear mid-weight work boots or tennis shoes with a good grip to avoid ankle injuries. However, just in case of bad weather conditions, you should keep lots of towels. 

Broken Fingers and Toes

With all the rushing around, your hands are going to be busy carrying boxes and putting stuff into vehicles. Broken bones, particularly in finger and toe areas, are not uncommon. Even one dropped box can cause a serious injury to your toes. An extra layer of protection can be offered by heavy-duty gloves, but the best option is preventive steps. On moving days, closed-toe shoes are also a must. When you are carrying things and boxes, make sure you can still see where you are going.

Cuts and Scrapes

Your house may have a number of sharp objects and rough edges. So be cautious about it. When you're packing up and moving, there's a fair chance you'll come across a couple. Wearing the right clothes on a moving day will help protect your sensitive epidermis. Try to cover your skin with good clothes as much as possible. Jeans are a perfect choice for the lower half as the material is rugged. Wear gloves while handling glass or mirrors.

The best way you can avoid moving injuries is by the hiring a Local Moving Company in New Haven Connecticut.

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