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How to Stay Positive During a Move

November 8, 2019

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How to Stay Positive During a Move

Moving to a new home is almost definitely one of the most challenging life events. It is usually a deeply emotional experience that uproots people from their safety zone. When people move to a new place, they leave their comfort zone and enter the risk zone. For many people, that means a lot of fear and anxiety when facing unknown conditions. 

Because of that, your best strategy might be to learn how to stay positive during a move. Your local movers and storage company in New Haven, Connecticut, offer several tips that may help you with keeping a positive attitude when moving to a new home.

Acquire a growth mindset

One of the best strategies might be to create a so-called growth mindset, the concept invented by psychologist Carol Dweck. It means that you may decide to treat life-challenging situations and setbacks as opportunities for growth. If you stop for a second and recall a certain situation from the past that you might have seen as failure or mistake, it most likely brought you some deepest knowing that you hadn’t got before.

However, this knowledge usually comes with a prize. Before you were able to overcome a challenge, you most likely acquired a new skill or adopt a new behavior. But, without a sense of loss and struggle, you most likely wouldn't be motivated enough to stretch yourself and grow. In this way, the hardships help you develop your potential.

Do your research before you start living in a new place

Fears might cause great concern for you and your family. They tend to occur whenever you step into the risk zone. To minimize them, start exploring the possibilities that a new place has to offer. The first thing you may want to do is to discover new opportunities while taking a walk. Strolling around your neighborhood, will get you a better orientation and make you familiar with the unknown territory.

You may also want to get your research and find groups to join. Depending on your specific preferences, it might be a dance club, fitness classes, or knitting group near your new residency.

Keep the same daily routine if possible

The first thing you may want to do after moving to a new home is to unpack and arrange your house. Before continuing with this tedious work, stop for a second. Unpacking and rearranging things mean more hard work and can overwhelm you if you undertake them immediately. All these work of unpacking, organizing, as well as rumination about the past, can drain your energy.

Instead, unpack only basic things that will keep you functioning. The idea is to allow yourself enough space to maintain the same daily structure as you had before a move. Keeping the same routine can be of utmost importance for your sense of safety and well-being. It will help you feel stable and grounded while everything around you is in chaos.

Get support

As one of the most challenging situations, moving requires to surround yourself with a good support group. Your closest friends might be crucial for your emotional balance at this moment. You need people who want to listen to you and understand what you are going through. Knowing that someone deeply cares for you can be reassuring and comforting during this period.

Start preparing early for a household move

One of the best strategies to reduce stress when moving is to schedule your tasks. You may want to begin as early as possible to meet your deadlines. At the same time, having a good plan in place may help you do a few tasks every day and avoid getting overwhelmed with a lot of work. Just schedule your activities to ensure that you are on track.

When you see that your work is progressing, it will result in establishing a greater sense of control. This is quite opposite of how people feel when feeling stressed and helpless.

Find a moving company that can help you with packing and storage

Moving companies may not only help you transfer your furniture and stuff from one place to another. Many of them may help you with a tedious job of packing and may provide you with storage space if needed. You may find it handy when in a hurry or don’t have enough people to get the work done.

Let go of the past

An essential part of staying positive during a move is to let go of your emotions, especially the ones of loss and pain. These emotions usually appear during packing and decluttering your home. To let go of negative emotions, go through the process slowly and examine particular events that happened during your stay in an apartment you are about to leave. Acknowledge every moment that made you happy and write down if necessary.

This way, you won’t allow yourself to ruminate for days or months about the past. Instead, you may feel empowered by what you’ve already experienced. While going through your memories, knowing that one chapter is over and another is about to start might feel comforting. It’ll give you new strength for a fresh start.

Be grateful

If you haven’t cultivated a grateful mindset so far, it can be a perfect opportunity to do that. Gratefulness is essential if you want to think positive about new opportunities. It is a powerful habit that may help you embrace your current circumstances with profound hope and joy.

When you are sincerely grateful for your life circumstances, you will be eager to take action and more willing to explore new possibilities. As someone has already said, “You can’t be grateful and depressed at the same time.”

If you are still struggling to stay positive during a move, you might need help from our experienced team to assist you with the hard work that comes with moving.

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