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How to Sell Your Belongings Before You Relocate

May 6, 2021

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How to Sell Your Belongings Before You Relocate
Apart from donating, you can actually make money by selling your old stuff before you move. Here are a few ways to reduce your moving load and make money at the same time.

Are you planning to move soon? If that's the case, it's time to get rid of some of the excess weight. After all, the more things you have to move, the more costly the move would be. And the more belongings you have to pack, the longer it will take you to get ready. It is therefore in your best interest to begin purging as quickly as possible. Although some of your belongings would almost certainly end up in the donation bin, those that are more valuable can be sold. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for selling your old belongings. Here's a short rundown of five of them, all of which will pay you cash for your used goods.

LetGo App

LetGo is a classifieds app on your smartphone that lets people buy and sell items in their neighborhood. The benefit of using LetGo is that posting a classified ad is extremely fast and simple. Users can also speak with buyers and sellers instantly and personally.


eBay is an extremely simple website for selling used stuff before you move, whether it's clothing, accessories, electronics, or sports equipment. The site enables people to either list and sell items by their own, or to use "selling experts" from eBay Valet, who take pictures, list and send the item to the customer.

Facebook Marketplace

There are several ways to purchase and sell things on Facebook - the most widely accepted social media platform online. Users will first list their products on Facebook Marketplace. This marketplace will publicize your item to everyone within a reasonable distance of you. Second, you can put your item up for sale in one of Facebook's "Buy and Sell" groups. Members of these private groups subscribe to receive updates from the community. Both of these tabs can be found in the left-hand corner of Facebook's home page.


Craigslist is also another common way to sell your belongings. In every area of the country the online marketplace provides information for local classifications. Users can list their belongings “for sale by owner” on the website. If you use Craigslist, keep in mind that the forum is a common target for spammers, so some deals may not be genuine.

Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a fantastic way to sell and get rid of unwanted items. One person's trash is a treasure of another person, right? To have a good yard sale, first check your neighborhood's laws to see if yard sales are permitted. Be sure to hold your yard sale on a Saturday or Sunday and advertise it widely. People will flock to your yard if you use flyers and signs to direct them to your street. Other yard sale tips include keeping small bills on hand for cash, being flexible with pricing, borrowing show tables from friends, and not getting too attached to your belongings.

Consignment Shops

Consider consigning clothes, furniture, accessories, and other pieces to consignment shops in your region. The most significant advantage of consigning is that you would not be required to list the item online or meet with potential buyers. The consignor will take care of the heavy lifting. The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to keep all the money from every deal. Consignors typically take a large percentage of the final transaction, leaving you with just a small portion. If you intend on consigning a large number of items, however, the money will easily add up.

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