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How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for a Move?

September 2, 2021

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How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for a Move?
Few handy tips on packing small kitchen appliances for your move

Packing and moving all of your small appliances can be a nuisance, but following these guidelines can make the process go more smoothly. Collect and organize the small appliances you'll need to take with you. Keep an eye out for glass items and other fragile items. Extra care should be taken while packing these.

If there's a probability you won't be able to unpack or use specific appliances right away, bundle them together in one or more containers and designate each package's contents. After you relocate, if you don't have the space or need for these appliances, they'll be simple to store until you do. You won't waste time searching through all the boxes looking for a specific appliance because of the obvious labeling.

Here are the steps for packing the small kitchen appliances:

Clean them properly

Before packing your small appliances, make sure to clean and dry them properly to avoid bringing crumbs, grease, and other debris to your new house. If you don't have time, a quick wipe down with a moist rag or a wet kitchen wipe on each component part should suffice. Before wrapping up each item, ensure it is totally dry.

Remove parts

Remove any loose or detachable parts from every appliance, like the microwave tray or blender blades. These must be handled in accordance with their fragility. Any reassembly instructions should be written out on paper and attached to the part before it is wrapped.

Size of the box

When packing smaller appliances, keep in mind that it's better to use a box that's as close to their real size as possible, which is normally a small to a medium-sized box. Avoid putting numerous small appliances in one bigger box, because it's never a good idea to stuff a box with too many fragile objects, even if they're well secured.

Wrap them

On a clean work surface, spread plain newspaper or brown wrappings. Crush pieces of paper lightly and place them in the box's bottom. Crumpling the paper helps to prevent items from shifting around on the moving truck.

Label them

As you proceed, seal and label every box so you don't forget what goes where. As previously stated, label certain boxes as "fragile" so that you and/or your movers can handle them with additional caution while loading and unloading.

Some small appliances, such as vented microwaves, will necessitate some extra measures. In most circumstances, however, the techniques outlined above will be enough to pack small appliances for your relocation.

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