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How To Pack Silverware For A Move

February 10, 2022

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How To Pack Silverware For A Move
Moving expensive silverware can be a challenging task. They can easily tarnish or get damaged during a move, if not properly packed. Here are a few tips from the experts.

When it comes to packing silverware, the most crucial thing to consider is to avoid having your things broken or lost while in transportation. Your cutlery is used on a daily basis and is an important part of your kitchen. Ensure that it is well-packed so it reaches your new location ready to use.

Packing Silverware

When you have sterling silver knives and forks, a vintage cutlery set, a priceless heirloom set, or any other precious silverware, you must take extra precautions to protect it throughout the relocation:

  • Make sure all of your cutlery is perfectly clean before polishing it to safeguard it throughout the move.
  • Enclose each item in a paper because air causes silver to tarnish, so they must be preserved in unique fabric bags or encased in clean paper while not in use for a longer duration – the gentle paper or fabric will keep air away from the silver and avoid tarnishing.
  • In a compact, durable box put the covered cutlery pieces;
  • Within the box, add lots of cushioning to the cutlery and keep it from moving during relocation.
  • Close the box securely, write "Handle Carefully" on both surfaces, and label it with the items and intended room.

Packing Knives

When moving knives and other silverware, safety should always come first. Even if you're in a rush to pack, keep in mind that you, your household, and the movers are all at risk of injury. Wrap the knives in three to four layers of paper and tape them to stay in place. When dealing with knives, one of the best options is to use the handle. If you want to protect yourselves and your other possessions, even more, cover the knives in old clothing or blankets and see if they don't come into touch with other cutlery.

Use Right Sized Boxes

To pack things properly, you'll require many small and mid boxes. If you wish to give your silverware more protection, then use chests. Note that if you use a huge box, it might quickly fill up and become rather heavy. This may be one of the most crucial things to keep in mind as you prepare for your transfer.

If you need assistance with packing silverware, contact the Packing and Moving Company in New Haven, CT

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