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How to Move Valuable Items

March 6, 2020

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How to Move Valuable Items

When you move your household belongings, your valuable items need special care. Many of your precious possessions have financial, sentimental, and emotional value. You can’t simply box them up and put them on the top of a truck. Many of them are fragile, while some of them are too small and can easily get lost or stolen.

Because of that, you may want to take special precautions to protect your high-value items. To learn more about how to move valuable items and keep them safe, your moving company in Connecticut, suggests following these steps.

Choose the right packaging material

Packing your valuable items usually needs more of your time than packing other household items. You most definitely want to box them up properly to avoid damaging them. For that purpose, you’ll need bubble wrap, packing paper, tapes, moving pads, etc. You may also need cardboard boxes of the right size for your pictures. Select your packaging material wisely—you don’t want your valuables to get scratched. Stay away from using newspapers for this purpose. It may damage the original color of your pictures. 

Take your time to pack your valuables properly

You most likely want to protect your pictures from shattering and prevent breakage. Like keeping your windows safe during a hurricane, run your tape over your pictures in an ‘X-shape’. This technique may help your valuables arrive safely at your new house.  

For your fine china, you may want to wrap each item separately and pack them into boxes. Put enough padding in the gaps of the box to ensure that your delicate items won’t shift and get damaged. 

After you finish wrapping and packing your valuables, label the boxes properly. All the boxes that contain your delicate items should be labeled ‘fragile’ on all sides. This way, you’ll help a team of movers to focus their attention and handle them properly.

Take your jewelry with you

Small valuables like pieces of jewelry don’t require a packing box to be transported with your other stuff. Moving experts recommend taking these items with you. Pack each of them in their original boxes and place them into your bag. If you threw away their original packaging, select a suitable box and take them with you. 

Experts recommend having these little valuables with you all the time during a move. Whether you stop to get some fresh air or take a toilet break, don’t go without your precious items. Because of their small size, your jewelry might easily get stolen or lost. Therefore, don’t risk and keep an eye on them during your moving day.

For your big items or special furniture—hire a professional

If you have valuable items that are heavy or too big, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you. They possess specific experience with handling those items and the right equipment to move your valuable furniture. Never try to transport your grandma’s piano or age-old chandelier on your own. Delegate this task to your confident specialist to avoid damaging them.

Take inventory

One of the best ways to protect your valuables is to take inventory. Note each of them and take photos. This list may help you track your items easier and check each of them after a move. Taking photos enables you to determine if some of them have been damaged.  When it comes to insurance, it’ll be easier for you to prove to your insurance company that something is missing or has been damaged during a move.

Get insurance 

Moving your household items is a huge undertaking. Occasionally, accidents may happen. Some of your valuable items might be stolen. Some might get lost. Therefore, safeguard your most meaningful possessions by taking financial protection. Read your insurance policy carefully in order to get the accurate value for your missing or damaged belongings.

Do your research to determine what types of insurance the policy covers. Inform yourself whether your homeowner’s insurance covers your valuable items and under what conditions you may get a premium.

Protecting your valuable items is a big task. But, with a little preparation and good organizational skills, you may avoid lots of stress. Just be sure that you go through each step and pack your valuables properly. If you still have more questions about your next move, you can always ask your new home movers in new haven, CT for advice.

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