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May 4, 2023

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How To Move a Vending Machine
The question of how to move that vending machine is one of those challenging issues that property owners and business owners occasionally encounter. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a safe and successful relocation.

When heavy equipment, like a vending machine, is involved, planning a business transfer can be a difficult and tough undertaking. Vending machines are large and heavy, therefore it is crucial to have professional knowledge and expertise to guarantee that every task is carried out effectively and securely.

While there are a number of shortcuts to make the process easier, it's important to remember that moving a vending machine by yourself is not advised. The best course of action is to work with experienced professionals who can do the task with ease and make sure that the vending machine is transported safely to its new place. Contact Affordable Movers in ct for more such help!


  • Dolly
  • Appliance strap 
  • Moving blanket 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Socket set
  • Packing materials 
  • A set of screwdrivers


To reduce the chance of the vending machine being damaged, it is crucial to remove all the food items, and drinks from it. To prevent any damage during the move, turn off the machine, empty the cash box, and put everything in a cardboard box. Clean the equipment before transporting it if it appears to be dusty and has dust buildup inside. To avoid any unauthorized use while being transported, close and lock the machine before using a dolly to raise it.


To avoid power outages or any electrical issues that can develop during transit, it is advised to cut off the power supply to a vending machine's electrical components, such as the control board, transformer, or engine. Locate the vending machine's plug, disconnect it from the wall socket, and then store the cords somewhere safe. As a disconnected machine is lighter and easier to handle, it helps to lower the possibility of the machine being damaged during transportation.


It's essential to measure a vending machine's dimensions before relocating because doing so enables you to calculate how much room it will need in the moving truck. Knowing the weight and size of the machine can help you evaluate the equipment requirements, and it helps identify any potential barriers, such as tight corridors or stairs, that may need to be navigated during the relocation. Ultimately, taking accurate measurements of the vending machine ensures that the relocation process is safe and efficient.


An essential tool to use when packing a vending machine is a moving blanket. Start by carefully sliding the machine away from the wall before securing it with a moving blanket. Following that, spread a moving blanket over the machine's top, ensuring sure it covers the whole thing from top to bottom. Use packing tape or straps to firmly fasten the moving blankets around the machine in order to keep them in place. This will stop the blankets from detaching during transport and safeguard the machine from scratches. 


Use the handle of the equipment to steering the vending machine while using a pallet jack or dolly to move one. By not having to manually raise the equipment, the risk of injury is decreased. To avoid dropping or bumping the machine when moving it, carefully direct it to its destination. By taking these steps, the vending machine can be transported to its new position safely.


Reconnect the cord to the new place after unplugging the vending machine. Refill all the food and drink, including the snacks. Consider how far the machine is from the wall and make the necessary adjustments, but always leave at least four to five inches of space. 

If you need help with moving a vending machine then get in touch with Commercial movers in CT to get a free estimate.

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