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How to Make Moving During the Holidays a Stress-Free Experience

November 12, 2020

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 How to Make Moving During the Holidays a Stress-Free Experience

It is definitely not wonderful to move during the holiday season. At a time when people are looking forward to being at home, the last thing most of us want to do is pack boxes, clean, and wrangle odds and ends.

But some people have no options whatsoever. Selling your house in winter or moving to a new job are just some of the reasons why people may have to move during the holiday season.

If you find yourself in this situation, hire a moving company and enjoy a stress-free move in the holiday season. The tips below will help to make things less hectic and more bearable. 

Include a change of address in your holiday card

You can do two things at a time this year with your holiday cards: they can also act as announcements of your change of address.

If you know your new address, please include in your holiday cards a new address note to alert family and friends.

Donate seasonal items

A prime time to spread kindness to others is the holiday season. Consider offering any of your gently used garments to those who would otherwise have no way to afford them.

Warm clothing is in demand during the winter months in thrift stores, and parents welcome toys for their children.

Ask for a holiday discount

This time of year you will find that movers are in the gifting spirit and will express their appreciation for your business.

This time of year is not as busy as others, so the movers will feel more generous and agree to a discounted price for their services. Book your moving company early and ask for a discount.

Recycle supplies

A lot of moving items such as bubble wrap and boxes are used in relocating, so you don't have to spend a lot on them.

Reuse the boxes and paper from the packages you get during the holidays to prevent waste and save some money.

Ask your buddies for their wrapping paper and leftover boxes as well.

You're going to have a lot of boxes on your side, which can make it hard to locate your decoration box. But make it simple, packing your ornaments, guerrillas, and festive decorations last, to cover your new halls.

Pack your holiday decor boxes last, so you can give it an instant holiday feel when you get inside your new home.  

Give yourself the gift of a moving company

If you have to move during the holidays but would really like to reduce the hassle of moving around, we suggest gifting yourself and your family a competent local moving company. It'll be more costly than you moving your own boxes, but hiring an additional pair of hands will allow you to concentrate on the parties and festive get-togethers that take place during this time of year.

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