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How to deal with moving away from family & friends

September 18, 2020

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How to deal with moving away from family & friends

Moving to a different home will introduce a number of changes – some for the better, others for the worse. Sometimes it can be so abrupt and shocking to move away from home, family, and friends that you might not be emotionally ready to take that step. And if this is the case, after the move is done, you'll still feel unsettled and unrooted for quite some time.

It can be harder to move away from the people you love and the place you feel comfortable in than you imagine. You might think you're going to be ok right after the move just to find out that you really aren't. The thing is that no one has warned you that moving away is going to be that hard so you may feel a bit lost.

Here are some good ideas on how to handle moving away from family and friends so you can find your way back.

Moving away isn't the end of anything

Moving away from home is really a stepping stone to where you want to be. It is indeed going to be a mere physical distance between you and your family members and your close friends after the move, it won't mean you're going to be distancing yourself from the people you care for so much. The fact is, you 're going to continue to care for your friends and family and you're going to see each other again, maybe even earlier than you thought.

Kudos to today’s technology, you will be able to stay in contact with your loved ones irrespective of your distance between you. 

Stay in touch with those you love

The toughest thing you've ever had to do in life could be moving away from home, family, and friends. Now, there's no single excuse not to stay in touch with the people who just before the relocation had meant the world to you.

There's a phone for everyone who isn't particularly tech-savvy. The people you miss so much are on the other side of the phone line, so to speak. Long-distance telephone calls might not be free, but if that's how you want to stay in contact with your family and friends, you can always check with your telephone service provider for a better deal.

And the Internet has, of course, made long-distance contact a breeze – e-mailing, texting or video conferencing & social networking – just take your pick. 

Make plans to see your family and friends soon

Get busy making plans to visit the people you miss so much -set a preliminary date, set aside some travel money. It might not be possible to do so for a while, but you may find it relaxing to have future plans to think about if things get very tough soon after the relocation. You're going to have something very good to look forward to, and that will help you cope with moving to a new place without friends.

You might also be planning on getting your family and best friends to visit you at your new home – a brilliant idea if you've just moved to a city or town they've never been to before. 

Concentrate on your job after the move

So long as you continue to keep you busy and get into a nice everyday routine, you'll have less and less time to think about how you're missing your old life and everything about it – especially your family and friends. The transition can often be a very difficult thing to deal with after a move so an established way to manage to move away from home is to keep busy by focusing on your job.

Perhaps your job was the reason you moved so use it to protect yourself from negative and nostalgic thoughts, at least in the immediate post-relocation period. Also, regular contact with your co-workers will encourage you to develop new friendships without too much effort from yourself.

If you have any questions and doubts regarding your forthcoming move, you can always ask our Residential Moving Team in New Haven, Connecticut.

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