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How To Baby-Proof Your New Apartment Before You Move

December 9, 2021

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How To Baby-Proof Your New Apartment Before You Move
Make sure you baby-proof your new apartment before you move into it to create a safe environment for your baby.

Your toddler will want to explore every nook and corner of your flat as soon as he or she starts to crawl. While it's important to provide a secure environment for your baby, you also don't want to utilize products that could damage your rental property and risk your security deposit. Here's how to baby-proof your home without causing any permanent damage.

Baby Gates

Baby gates can keep your child safe and out of trouble by allowing them to stay in a secure area. Use pressure-mounted baby gates instead of hard-mounted gates that screw into the wall or door frame to avoid damaging your flat. Make sure the gate you buy has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) mark, which indicates that it complies with or exceeds applicable federal safety regulations in the United States.


Upper-floor windows provide the most danger, but they can be harmful at any time. If your rental's windows lack safety locks, you can purchase them for a reasonable price. Look for window guards that allow you to open the windows while stopping your child from shoving the screen out. Avoid putting furniture near windows that do not have locks or guards, especially your baby's cradle.

Another topic to think about is window treatments: The cordless choices are the safest for toddlers. If you live in a rental, you may have no choice but to use the existing window treatments. If your apartment already has corded blinds or shades, make sure they're always fastened securely out of reach of your child, and place any furniture far from them to avoid your kid from climbing and getting access.

Door Knobs

It won't be long until your baby is a toddler who can unlock your apartment's front door and run away. Because installing extra locks or chains to your apartment's door may be prohibited by your lease, use a door knob cover instead. These covers can also be used to keep your curious toddler out of locations like the pantry or the bathroom.

Electric Sockets

Crawling infants have a proclivity for exposed sockets. Even if your youngster sticks their finger into a plug socket, they will not be contacting live wires if the sockets are designed to modern-day standards. If you aren't confident that the sockets are up to date, it's time to speak with your landlord and express your dissatisfaction. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the electrical equipment on your premises. 'Child safety plugs,' which are supposed to cover sockets, have been shown to be ineffective, as children as young as three may easily remove them.

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