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Household Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professionals

April 10, 2020

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Household Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professionals

The entire process of moving from one place to another can be daunting and painful. Packing and moving household items can be a difficult task. Especially, if they are heavy, large or valuable. Proper packing and transportation are required to avoid the risk of damages. You can avoid damage to your valuables by hiring a professional moving company. They can transport all your household items with safety especially those which need extra care and attention.

Here is the list of household items that are difficult to move without the help of professional movers.


Many people love music and possess a piano at home. Moving a piano by yourself is a very difficult task. Most of the pianos weigh hundreds of pounds and they are very heavy to lift. Moreover, pianos are highly expensive making them one of the most valuable items inside a household. 

Dropping and damaging the piano during a move can be devastating, so handling this item with utmost care is extremely important. It’s best to hire a local piano mover who can do this job with ease.

Electronic and Electrical Appliances

Most of the electronics are fragile by nature and get damaged even with minor collisions. Electronics like television, desktop computers, laptops, and many other gadgets can easily break if they are not packed in the right way. 

In addition, moving electrical appliances is a strenuous job. It requires a lot of planning and manpower. For reference, the common refrigerator weighs around 300 lbs, the average washing machine may weigh around 200 lbs, and the average dishwasher weighs around 150 lbs. So, it’s best to hire an efficient local mover who can handle your appliances with care. 

Artworks and Antiques

There are many people who are fond of artworks and antiques. Moving these items from one home to another can be a stressful task. Usually, they are very expensive. If damaged during the transit, it would result in a great monetary loss. 

Because of their unusual shapes and sizes, packing these items is a trickier task. Fortunately, professional movers and packers can move your items safely without breaking anything during the move.

Fragile Items

Glassware and Chinaware items are extremely fragile. They can easily break even in a minor mishap. Special care and attention are needed while packing these items. 

Since they are prone to damages, hire trained packers and movers in your area who can handle these items with extra care.

Moving these household items by yourself is a challenging task. Fortunately, there are some efficient movers in New Haven, Connecticut who can move your belongings to the final destination with the utmost care.

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